Cascais: The fishing town

Portugal is known for its great assortment of fish. Fishing is a big part of the economic, but also the cultural, history of Portugal. Its most known fish is the Bacalhau, better known as codfish.  Fisheries and aquaculture are important to the Portuguese government. They have different policies to protect the seafood sector. Cascais is one of the many fishing towns. Where there is one … Continue reading Cascais: The fishing town

One night through the lens

Kees Krick (57) and Corné Ouwehand (27) are night photographers. They capture the moments most people don’t see. When everybody is sound asleep they explore the world in the mysterious darkness.  A pitch-black sky, no one around you and seeing little to nothing. This is what night photography mostly consists of. Night photography isn’t as easy as it may seem. It takes a long planning … Continue reading One night through the lens

Long lines and early closings: Museum night 2021

This year, 54 museums opened their doors for the 21st edition of the museum night in Amsterdam. After the lockdown of last year, in which the museums weren’t allowed to open, the visitors’ expectations for this year’s museum night were even bigger. Bringing the people of Amsterdam together. This is what museum night is all about. And the people of Amsterdam were ready for a … Continue reading Long lines and early closings: Museum night 2021

‘I have always been a political news junkie’

Gudr Al Ayouby (20) was born and raised in Curaçao and studies Creative Business at the HU in Utrecht. Since he was little, he has had a fascination for the news – political news to be specific. When he was just six years old, he watched the debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. ‘I was watching this with my parents. They jokingly said: who … Continue reading ‘I have always been a political news junkie’