Mastering Beauty from Within

Trusting your internal beauty brings you a step closer to self-confidence. It all starts with uplifting your energy levels and keeping an open mind. Experts Vanessa Vink and Suzanne Stutje talk about the interdependence of vibration and beauty. Story by Dobromir Muladzhikov Present-day youth culture is obsessed with looking physically beautiful by investing in millions of cosmetic products to enhance the face and body. Nourishing your body … Continue reading Mastering Beauty from Within

“I had to learn to shed a skin”

Kadie Kposowa, although born in London, is originally from Sierra Leone. Throughout their life, they have struggled to identify with a gender. Now at 29 years old, they describe what it is like being a non-binary person of colour, what beauty means to them and how non-binary people are treated back in Sierra Leone. Story by Zara Garrido Jimenez “Being non-binary feels obvious to me … Continue reading “I had to learn to shed a skin”

Take it off

For centuries women have been striving for the right to dress and behave the way they want. More and more you see people identifying themselves through their style, such as wearing colorful outfits, 90s fits, as well as wearing a hijab or headscarf. However, this is not the case for French Muslim women and girls since they don’t have the freedom to choose when they … Continue reading Take it off

Kurds in Paris fear another attack

After the murder of three Kurdish people in their cultural centre, the Kurdish community is shocked and angry. They don´t feel safe anymore. Story by Luisa Funk When you turn into the street Rue d´Enghien, you hardly suspect that an assassination has taken place there just a few weeks ago. But this changes about 50 metres before the crime scene, where you spot a police … Continue reading Kurds in Paris fear another attack

Why do Japanese tourists become sick when visiting Paris?

Japanese tourists becoming sick after visiting Paris. Sounds bizarre but it’s a real phenomenon. There is a special hospital for Japanese who feel homesick and depressed, sometimes because of the rude French behaviour.   Story by Nicky Mai Paris is known for its culture, cuisines and literature. It’s one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations and many people see Paris as a glamorous and trendy … Continue reading Why do Japanese tourists become sick when visiting Paris?

The other ‘sight’ of ‘seeings’ in Paris

We all know Paris for its historic sites and when you visit this city, it’s a must to visit as many of them as possible. The Notre Dame, Sacré-Cœur, Arc de Triomphe and of courseThe Eiffel Tower. It has all the ingredients you need for the typical, stereotypical Paris experience. But this city has much more to offer than just these beautiful sights. Street art … Continue reading The other ‘sight’ of ‘seeings’ in Paris

France to make male contraception free for people under 26

French President Emmanuel Macron announced a new policy of making male contraceptives free for people under 26 years old. The young adults will not need a doctor’s prescription anymore as they will be able to get them freely from pharmacies around France. The newly announced movement sets in action in the beginning of January 2023 and has a goal to promote sexual health in the … Continue reading France to make male contraception free for people under 26

Paris and Scotland: An old tie that does not die

The bond between Scotland and France has been recognised since the Middle Ages and formed in the bloody battlefields of both countries fighting a common enemy: the English. Nowadays this relationship is forged in shared interests and political alignment. by Chloe McDermott Since Brexit and the renewed effort by the Scottish government to reinstate a relationship with Europe the ties to France have never been … Continue reading Paris and Scotland: An old tie that does not die

The Bouquinistes of Paris

Besides being the city of love, Paris is also the home of literature lovers. With more than 700 bookshops spread throughout the city centre, a row of 900 green wooden stalls and 230 booksellers stretching across three kilometres along the Seine, Parisian booksellers proudly show their love for the art of writing through books. But in the age of the smartphone, this book culture is … Continue reading The Bouquinistes of Paris