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Austria’s dependence on Russia’s gas

Julia Steiner –  As the tension between the EU and Russia rises over the Ukraine conflict, so does the concern about a possible disruption in gas supplies to Austria. Russia invaded Ukraine on Thursday 17th February. Today is the fifth day since the attack, and the whole world looks to the east. While the tension was rising, in the last months between the two countries, … Continue reading Austria’s dependence on Russia’s gas

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Living on water – dream or threat?

Diana Miu – New Climate Change report raises concerns for Amsterdammers living in houseboats and floating houses. There are many things Amsterdam is known for: weed, the red-light district, wild nightlife, canals…and now, more than ever, houses on water. Be it houseboats or floating houses, a wave of locals and tourists are looking for alternative places to live around land-scarce Netherlands. Facing a shortage of … Continue reading Living on water – dream or threat?

Going offline

By Yana Georgieva The online world has revolutionised modern society and people’s everyday lives are influenced by it everyday. Being online has become so normal that it is sometimes hard to separate the virtual from the personal. Can we still rediscover life from before we were online? Kalina Todorova, a 23-year-old student, made a drastic decision five years ago. She decided to quit social media: … Continue reading Going offline

“We all need a hug”

How the pandemic influences our love lives By Melisa Salas Because of Covid-19, it’s challenging for young people to experiment with sex, and singles are struggling to find their big love. The 25-year-old Esther van der Heide is a blogger for erotic online magazine LotteLust in which she talks openly about love, dating and sex.  What do you think the consequences of the lockdown are … Continue reading “We all need a hug”


By Claire Schouten & Gaby van Genderen  Drag is an ever-evolving term with a rich history and its roots stem from queer culture. Nowadays, the term can involve dressing up and making costumes, having a persona, gender crossing and wearing extravagant make-up. The drag scene is still more than relevant and important today. A big part of its history is sad and complicated, but now … Continue reading QUARANTINE QUEENS

Working together with Nature

By Jaimy Witbraad Climate change is happening and the discussion around it takes many causative agents. With new policies on reducing CO2 emissions and a rising interest in vegan food, farmers need to change their ways. These ways lead to higher bills and many concerns for farmers. Luckily there is a solution: regenerative farming. The origin of the current farming systems we work with lies … Continue reading Working together with Nature

Crypto Punk

By Sharon Verhoeks Cryptocurrency is gaining its popularity fast. The digital asset is a new form of payment and threatens the current monetary system. Around 4000 alternative currencies already emerged based on their decentralised ancestor, keeping the punk soul alive. Are we on the eve of a monetary revolution?   The current monetary system, which is based on the fiduciary idea that we are able … Continue reading Crypto Punk