Language learning: fostering human bonds

By Josie Makkink As the sun sets, the evening rays shine through the rustic open windows of the Dutch Language Café in the Hague. Roben Scholten (33) is the founder of this language group, which has grown to 100 members since its launch three years ago. “I started the Dutch Language Café when I came back from a trip to Spain. I worked in a … Continue reading Language learning: fostering human bonds

Student associations complete college experiences

Story by Anouk Huijbrechtse, Photos by Lana Schut Melanie Flohil (23) is a fourth-year commercial economics student in Amsterdam. At 23, she’s already rocking it as a board member at student association Marco, making sure everyone has a great time. Marco brings students together with a whole bunch of activities. Whatever you’re looking for, Marco’s got your back. Networking opportunities Student associations provide an opportunity … Continue reading Student associations complete college experiences

People in Oud West head out to cast their votes

By Julia Benedictus Citizens living in the picturesque neighborhood of Oud-West, in Amsterdam, are traveling to their local polling stations today (March 15th) to cast their votes for the Provincial elections here in the Netherlands. The people living in Oud West are voting today to elect leaders that will bring change to their community and country as a whole. Rita (72), an elderly woman living … Continue reading People in Oud West head out to cast their votes

Election Day in Oud-Zuid

The provincial elections are underway and we are wondering about the population’s behavior in front of these elections. What are their voting habits, their priorities? Their hopes or nightmares? How do they choose who they vote for? What are their priorities when voting, and what does that say about the left-leaning area of Oud-Zuid? To answer these questions we went to one of the polling … Continue reading Election Day in Oud-Zuid

Will GroenLinks be the biggest party again?

Today is election day in The Netherlands, but not nationwide. The country votes for the province today. Isola, Lana and Jesse did some field research to find out how people think about the upcoming election, why they vote and the things they find important. An interview with the leader of Groenlinks: Anouk Gielen with her view at the elections and the opinion from different people … Continue reading Will GroenLinks be the biggest party again?

Survey says that 30% of the Dutch voters don’t trust politics anymore

By Axel Benaben, Leonie Kupferschmidt and Annelotte Fagel. On this 15th of March, the Dutch people and other residents of the Netherlands will be able to vote for the next provincial councils and water authorities. Last time those elections were held, the abstention rate was 53% in Amsterdam, and 56% in all the Netherlands.  Today, everyone able to vote will help determine who gets to … Continue reading Survey says that 30% of the Dutch voters don’t trust politics anymore

Hey teenage-me, this is for you!

What would you say to your puberty-you? Looking back, Luisa thinks that her struggles with feeling beautiful were ridiculous. Story by Luisa Funk Dear Luisa, I know that you are struggling with your appearance and your self-image is pretty bad. You feel anything but beautiful. And I remember why you feel that way. I know that since puberty you started to compare yourself to others … Continue reading Hey teenage-me, this is for you!

Beauty Past Forty

Women from three different cultures give candid insights into how they feel about ageing and their perception of beauty as they get older. Story by Chloe McDermott Antoinette Roovers (53) Dutch/Turkish Social work How comfortable do you feel about leaving the house without make-up? Quite comfortable. When I go to work or something where I have to make an appearance then I really would like … Continue reading Beauty Past Forty