Stop bugging me

Written by Malou van Kouwenhove, Illustration by Maxim Etty Oversharing is common in our generation, but beware: it might bug your friends. Oversharing is common in our generation. Many young adults post pictures on Instagram daily and tell their stories on Facebook. Even though I barely post anything on social media, many of my friends do. I hate people knowing what I do every single … Continue reading Stop bugging me

Make-up & masculinity

Written by Diogo Baptista Glossed lips and bronzed cheeks are a statement and a mark of distinctiveness, but also of inclusiveness. Will a man wearing make-up ever be a hundred percent socially accepted?  Mishel Peters has always been candid about his experience with wearing make-up. The now 22-year-old works as a freelance make-up artist and part-time employee at the cosmetics store MAC. With almost 7,000 followers on Instagram, he shows that make-up … Continue reading Make-up & masculinity

Gay in church

Written by Kimberly Nicolaus The Netherlands is a tolerant country towards gays, but within the Dutch Catholic church and conservative parts of the Protestant church, open homosexuality is still a problem. Individual gay believers who are coming out are being repressed. How do conservative Christians behave towards LGBTQ+ Christians? This year, both the Protestant and the Roman Catholic Churches in the Netherlands have been confronted … Continue reading Gay in church


Written by Maxim Etty   Overcoming a drug addiction is difficult, but Max Meeuwisse (28) managed to stay clean. Now he’s helping others to do the same.  January is a special month for Max Meeuwisse because it marks three years of officially being clean. Max used hard drugs since he was fourteen years old: “I felt defeated and helpless. But the fear of losing my … Continue reading Reborn

‘They Shall Not Grow Old’ Review: A Thrilling Illusion

Written by Chirine Aboussaad, 14 May 2019 | THEY SHALL NOT GROW OLD | DIRECTED BY: PETER JACKSON | RUN TIME: 104 MINUTES Peter Jackson’s latest work brings the Great War to life for generations to come in a visually stunning documentary. They Shall Not Grow Old opens on a pitch-black screen, enhanced by only the sound of someone whistling an unspecified tune in the … Continue reading ‘They Shall Not Grow Old’ Review: A Thrilling Illusion

Freedom in Bratislava

By Fleur Withagen Freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Slovaks care about their freedom and cherish this right with their hart. But how free is Slovakia and their press, especially after the murder on Ján Kuciak? On the Freedom Festival in Bratislava on Friday 24 May, I met Tomáš Kriššák, a 32-year-old project … Continue reading Freedom in Bratislava

Orbán’s FIDESZ remains the largest represented Hungarian party in the EP

Written by Chirine Aboussaad and Charisa Chotoe For many years now Hungarian politics is being led by Orbán’s FIDESZ party. When looking at the numbers, Budapest – the country’s only big city – voted in large numbers for DK, MSZP and Momentum. A majority of the votes for Orbán are coming from the country-side. “They only listen to radio stations and broadcasters owned by the regime.” … Continue reading Orbán’s FIDESZ remains the largest represented Hungarian party in the EP