How does a professional athlete fight back after an accident?

Video by Lena Knaus and Lea Dillmann One year ago: Kitesurfer Francisca Meijer just started her surf trip. Then the 26-years-old injured herself and her whole sports carrier crashed. We asked ourselves: How do professional athletes fight back after an accident? Get to know the whole story of Francisca and the perspective of physiotherapist Jared Miller. Continue reading How does a professional athlete fight back after an accident?

Abkhazia: A forgotten conflict

Ghost towns, bombed houses: The frozen conflict in the South Caucasus region Abkhazia is almost forgotten. It’s time to remember it, to find a possible solution. But is that even possible? Can the corona pandemic bring a change?  A podcast by Lea Dillmann Abkhazia, known as the favorite holiday spot of former Russian dictator Josef Stalin, located northeast at the black sea along the Russian border. … Continue reading Abkhazia: A forgotten conflict

Starting a radio show during a pandemic

Video by Lea Dillmann That’s not how they imagined it: The media students Christopher Müller and Noah Weber want to start their own radio show. Then a pandemic breaks out. How do they manage to broadcast live from the studio despite the corona measures? Find out now! Weber & Müller every Tuesday from 10 to 11 am on You are in Stuttgart? Stream the … Continue reading Starting a radio show during a pandemic

The Netherlands: A paradise for the LGBTIQ community?

Podcast by Annemarie Andre | Picture by Unsplash Since the Netherlands introduced the same-sex marriage as the first country in the world in 2001, it is known as a place of tolerance and sexual freedom. While other European countries now caught up with it and developed the movement furthermore, the Netherlands stood still. What are the challenges of the LGBTIQ community in the Netherlands nowadays? … Continue reading The Netherlands: A paradise for the LGBTIQ community?

Life in Times of Corona – Episode 21

In this last episode of our Corona-Podcast Veronica, Tijn, Emma and Viktor talk about countries opening their borders again in Europe, and the Black Lives Matter movement and what we can do against racism. Also: Our magazine is done! We take a look back at the ups and downs of our journey through this project. Big thanks to all our listeners who joined and supported … Continue reading Life in Times of Corona – Episode 21

“I want to do something useful with my time”

By Maartje Veneman Even though the quarantine has forced many of us to slow down, others try to use this free time as efficiently as possible. That’s why a lot of people are using their extra time in quarantine to work in their backyard. They roll up their sleeves, pick up their shovel and gloves, and get to work.  Karina Van der Weide (51) and … Continue reading “I want to do something useful with my time”

Sex is our right

Sex and sexuality are a part of life because it can offer many benefits to all facets. Singles are now -metaphorically – fucked. Keeping 1,5-meter distance and not meeting people is the new ‘normal’, which means singles can’t have sex. What are the consequences of this?  By Laszlo Lieffering Since March 13, 2020, the Netherlands has been in an intelligent lockdown, which means everyone has … Continue reading Sex is our right

Crystal clear canals

By Jelle Voort How the slowing down of the tourism industry has affected the water quality in Amsterdam’s oldest waterways “When I read about the water of canals in Venice clarifying on Twitter, I wondered what the quality in Amsterdam would be like,” says Maarten Ouboter, a hydrologist at Waternet in Amsterdam. “So, we started doing some transparency measurements. In some extreme cases the water … Continue reading Crystal clear canals