“We’re the ones who have to live with it”

A podcast about climate activists By: Simon Balvaert More and more young people are climate activists. Generation Z and Millenials feel the need to fix what previous generations have done to the climate. We are the people who have to live with the consequences. Despite every individual having potential to contribute to improvement, large companies and governments are needed to carry the lion’s share of … Continue reading “We’re the ones who have to live with it”

Modern Life, Modern Challenges – Part 1

Written by Talia Farghaly Image by Talia Farghaly  The Six Pillars Of Modern Life  Even though today’s society is the most developed to date (healthcare is most advanced, we can connect with people around the world and learn anything and everything online) humans are not the happiest they have ever been. Modern life brings modern challenges into our lives. The next two articles will first … Continue reading Modern Life, Modern Challenges – Part 1

“Society ensures Generation Z to feel pressure from an early age on”

Story and photo by Hedwig Kim Jansen is a social psychologist and generation expert. She is fascinated by the theme ‘generations’ and in particular, the youngest Generation Y and Z. According to Kim, the uncertain times in which Generation Z are growing up and the way they are raised, plays a big role in the stress they experience. “Generation Z knows that they have to … Continue reading “Society ensures Generation Z to feel pressure from an early age on”

Gen X vs Gen Z: Life in your 20’s

Text and images by Patricia Budusan What does life at 20 look like? Pretty different in the digital age compared to the analogue world. But what about our mindset in our 20’s? How much did a generation change in roughly 30 years? Here are the lives of two different generations during their twenties. Here are the answers of three Gen Z-ers and their parents from Gen … Continue reading Gen X vs Gen Z: Life in your 20’s

Greek Lockdown?

Text by Korina Krithara Picture by Korina Krithara During the summertime in Greece Anastasia, a 25 years old business student in the Netherlands, had returned to her country to solve the issue of safety. She was sitting on a hot day at a café waiting for her friend. ‘One day we learned about Covid-19,’ says Anastasia. She had received a vast amount of information and … Continue reading Greek Lockdown?