Former authors


Anneroos van Eijk (21)

Anneroos is a Dutch girl and lives in Amsterdam. She studies Media, Information and Communication at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Anneroos works as a social media agent for four different companies. This fits perfectly with her study. This semester she will follow the minor International Journalism. She likes to have drinks with friends and to travel.




Anouk Slot (22)anouk-slot

Anouk Slot is a Dutch girl who’s been studying journalism in Tilburg for the last 3 years. She is also currently living in Tilburg in her own apartment. Besides that she’s a sport-a-holic, working as an indoor cycling instructor and a bartender in the weekends. She also loves to make music, she’s the lead singer of a pop/rock cover band and performs regularly. In her free time she likes to hang out with her friends, to eat sushi and to study the Indonesian language ‘because she has family living there and happens to have an (unhealthy) obsession with that beautiful country’.




Caroline Ulvin Johansson (24)caroline-ulvin-johansson

Caroline is a Norwegian journalist student from Oslo currently studying in Amsterdam. The reason she came here is because she wanted to explore the beautiful city of Amsterdam and meet people from around the world. Caroline hopes the International Journalism course at HvA will help her become a better and more reflected journalist.




Dorri Mang (25)dorri-mang

Dorri grew up in Orange County, California and is currently doing the minor International Journalism at HvA. Dorri is known for her sense of sarcastic, blunt words, loud laugh, and her affection for emojis. Her passions in life include giving the underprivileged a voice, listening to people’s stories and participating in collegiate speech and debate. Dorri is dedicated to fighting for equality for all people, past the point when her pen runs out of ink and her voice runs hoarse.




Emma Cottenie (22)

Emma is a 22-year-old student from Belgium, who’s studying journalism in Ghent. She came to Amsterdam for a semester of International Journalism at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and will finish her studies back in Belgium. She’s passionate about words and stories, and hopes to implement that passion in her future job.





Hanna Mathis (20)hanna-mathis

Hanna, the 20 year old student, comes from Austria where she studies digital media and content production. Hanna loves stories. She prefers movies over all, but she also likes other medias. In her free time you will probably find her behind the screen, a book or a glass of white wine with her friends.




Jantine Brandemann (22)jantine-brandemann

Jantine studies International Development Management – Sustainable Value Chains at the University of Applied Sciences Van Hall Larenstein. She is very interested in sustainable fashion: how are our clothes being made and who worked on it? As Jantine would like to tell the stories of our clothing producers to consumers, she started with the minor International Journalism.




Jenny Rosenthal (21)screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-21-47-22

Jenny is a 21 year old Las Vegas native, currently residing in Amsterdam. She loves all things art and is frequently visiting museums around the city. She spends her free time on Photoshop and always has her analog camera on hand, waiting to capture the next memory. She is saving up money to travel and do some charity work around Asia, but for now you can find her doing work for her bachelors degree in International Business, hanging out with friends and watching concerts of her favourite bands in her beloved city.



Kristina Blockx (24)kristina-blockx

Kristina comes from the city of Aarhus in Denmark. At the moment she is doing an exchange in Amsterdam following the minor International Journalism.  In Denmark Krisitina studies Communication at the Danish School of Media and Journalism.




Marie Goossens (22)marie-goossens

Marie currently lives in The Hague. She is a Dutch Fashion and Textile Engineer student in Enschede. Marie has lived her whole life in Delft/The Hague and for 2 years in Enschede. She thoroughly enjoyed the her time in Enschede because she love nature. She loves reading and drawing and listening to all kinds of music. Marie constantly searches to improve herself and her surroundings, which can be pretty hard considering the world’s conditions.



Marieke Scherjon (26)marieke-scherjon

Marieke is a 26-year old media-junkie living in Amsterdam. She is studying Media, Information and Communication at the HvA, where she specialises in Editorial and Media Production. With the minor International Journalism, she hopes to develop her journalistic skills.




Melanie Hazenberg (21)

Melanie lives in Hilversum, The Netherlands.  She is now in her fourth year of studies in Media, Information and Communication, and is currently doing the minor International Journalism which she really likes. Melanie hopes she can work as a reporter when she finishes her studies. She writes a lot of articles and blogs. Melanie posts all of this on her personal blog.



merijn-kramerMerijn Kramer (21)
Merijn Kramer is, first and foremost a Communications-student! He is 21 years old and currently living in Anna Paulowna, in The Netherlands. Most of the time he is busy making and listening to music! Yet, writing and looking for stories is his second nature. That’s why Merijn loves journalism.




Oscar Maurel (20)

oscar-maurelOscar is a young 20 year old French guy. Oscar lives just next to Paris, in Versailles. He has already studied Communication in Paris for two years at the University of Paris Descartes and now he lives in Amsterdam. Oscar decided to come here to follow the International Journalism minor at Hogeschool to improve his English and his general culture. It’s also his first international experience! By the way, Oscar is really interested in football, music and street wear!




pia-miller-aichholzPia Miller-Aichholz (22) 

After studying law for a year in her hometown Vienna, Pia started her studies of Journalism and Media Management there. She is happy to have followed her intuition and passion in education by quitting law. For her Erasmus semester, she came to Hogeschool van Amsterdam to participate in the minor program ‘International Journalism’.




Rick Lugtenberg (22)rick-lugtenberg

Rick is studying Public Adminstration at the HvA. He was born in Apeldoorn, in order to study, four year ago, he moved to Amsterdam. Rick is in his last year now and is currently following the minor International Journalism. He chose this minor because he believes it has a great value for his major. In the minor Journalism he has made a couple of podcasts that you can hear on his blog.



Sam Jaspers (20)sam-jaspers

Sam has been studying communication and public relations in Antwerp for two years, but for her Erasmus exchange she wanted something new. Media is where her heart is, so that led her to the minor International Journalism. She hopes that these months at the Amsterdam University of Applied Scienes will completely prepare her for her internship at a broadcasting company coming April.



Serena Dania (21)screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-21-49-19

Serena was born in Curacao to an English mother and Trinidadian father, though at the age of nine her family moved to Barcelona, where she lived for nine years, before moving to Amsterdam. Which is where she still lives and is finishing off her degree in International Business and Management. She chose to follow a Journalism minor to work on her creative muscle and challenge her perspective on different topics. Yet she hopes to one day be able to combine sustainability and creativity in her professional endeavours.



Version 2

Sophie Weresch (22)
As an Advertising and Marketing student from Germany, Sophie came to Amsterdam to gain new experience and inspiration. Following the ‘International Journalism‘ minor she wants to look into a different area of communication.



14925321_10154159678919053_8131836399916166429_nRosalie Neuvel (24)

Rosalie is a Social Work student from Leiden, but has been living in Amsterdam for the last four years now. Currently, she is in her last year of study at the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam. Each student in her class had to choose a minor for the last year and since she is very interested in Journalism, she decided to take a risk and choose this minor. In her study and the minor, Rosalie tries to look for connections and be open for controversial topics. Social Work and Journalism connect to society and problems or conflicts that surround everyone. That is something she would like to write about.



Lukas Walter (23)15007853_1258942884129237_226413816_o

Lukas started his career as a journalist at a small radio station in southern Germany. Soon after he started studying Cross media-Journalism at the University of Media in Stuttgart, Germany. His most favourite form of doing journalism is a multimedia-story.



Noelle Batelaan (21)screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-14-37-24

Growing up in a village nearby the sea called Bergen in the province Noord-Holland, the Netherlands, Noelle wanted to study in a big city, so she did. The past three years she has been studying Public Administration at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Currently Noelle is in her last year and is participating in the minor International Journalism, which she enjoy very much. With this minor Noelle is discovering and developing her journalistic skills.



Angelica Linde (27) 1402995_10153501902565447_981912065_o

It took five years of travelling and working after graduation before Angelica from Sweden knew what to study at Uni. She followed her passion of photography and studied Photojournalism for three years at Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall, Sweden. After three years, she graduated in the summer of 2016, and now has a Bachelor’s degree in photojournalism, and another Bachelor’s degree in journalism. For her Erasmus semester, she knew she wanted to go to Amsterdam – a city she fell in love with immediately. Here she is participating in the minor International Journalism, in the hopes of learning more about the “international” part of “International Journalism”.




Dana Wilms (-) 

screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-21-28-16Even though Dana doesn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes, she is a true Dutchie. She has lived her whole life in Haarlem, you know, the look-a-like Amsterdam but smaller. At the moment, she is busy finishing her Psychology study. Funny enough, she is doing a minor in International Journalism. She knows you’re thinking: “Psychology and Journalism? What do those two have in common?”. Well, more than you think. It’s both about influencing people and about diversity. Does Dana want to become a journalist in the future? Nope. What do she want to become in the future? No clue. But for now she wants to travel the world, learn new languages (she already speaks Dutch, English, French, German and a bit of Spanish and Indonesian), master my cooking skills and cuddle as many cats as possible.



Tugce Durmus (22)screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-14-39-42

Tugce is a Turkish girl who was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. After studying Economics in her hometown for two years, she decided it was not the right choice for her and started to study Advertising and Psychology. In her third year, she came to Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences for her Erasmus semester, to studying International Journalism.



screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-21-36-39Kim Vercammen (24) 

Kim is a communication student from Belgium. As much as she is passionate about communications, she has always had a big interest in journalism too. That’s why she took the chance to finish her studies with the minor international journalism in the city she loves the most, Amsterdam.




Juan Flores Checa (21)screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-23-43-11

Juan, 21, started to study media and journalist four years ago in Madrid. He decided to accept the challenge to come to Amsterdam to improve his english and to finish the half of his major. He would like to be linked in the future to music, design and media.





Jerry Karg (28)15135580_1270793009650549_653337746_n

Jerry is a third year student in the International Sports, Business and Management program. He has lived in Suriname and Nepal besides the Netherlands. The way news is covered is different per region which he finds interesting. His passion for news and media led him to follow the International Journalism minor. Jerry wants to further develop his writing skills and find out how media works.




screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-11-59-19Beliz Kuyumcuoğlu (21)

Beliz is an advertising student in İstanbul. She was certain she wanted to be an advertiser for many years until she realised in her last internship, that wasn’t what she wanted. Now she is in Amsterdam,her favourite city in Europe, studying International Journalism and enjoying her days with food, good music and friends. She says, she wouldn’t dare to be a journalist in the future. “It is all fun and games until… Turkey.” Coming from Ankara, the capital city of Turkey where politics were no joke and always the subject.