“More important than a relationship”

Lena Jager (28) is from Amsterdam and she has found the perfect connection with her dancing partner. Having great chemistry with her dancing partner is extremely important to Lena, as she is competing on a high level in the Netherlands and internationally. 

Dancing is a big part of Lena’s life, however she also works as a pediatric nurse at an ICU. She started dancing at dansschool Kluver after watching dancing with the stars on television 14 years ago. “Now I am dancing six days a week, 2 hours every day. So it is a lot. I had times when I did it 2 times a week for an hour also, it depends if you have a dance partner or not,” says Lena. 

Lena’s current dancing partner is Wouter Smith and the two are competing in both Ballroom and latin. Both have five different styles of dancing. The different styles in ballroom dancing are: Slow Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slow Foxtrot, and Quickstep. In Latin the different dances are: Cha Cha, Samba, International Rumba, Paso Doble, and Jive. 

Lena says that dancing means a lot to her in life. Not only because of the dancing in itself but also because of her job. “I am working with sick children and when I am dancing I am not in my head so it is very relaxing for me.”

Before she partnered up with Wouter Smith, Lena had to change dancing partners which meant that she was forced to start over again. For her it is not just to dance with someone it is more than that, so you need to find the right partner. “I think the connection is more important than being in a relationship. As you see eachother everyday it is very intense and you have to work together very well to become a good dancer. I think it is difficult to find a good partner that you can also dance well with as you have to be the same height; have the same passion for dancing; train as much as the other; and be available at the same times. I have a great partner now, except that he is always late. However, you have to make some compromises,” says Lena and laughs. 

When asked about how to describe the feeling when you are dancing with someone whilst having a great connection, Lena did not know how to describe it. “When you are dancing and you want to improve, have fun with someone, it is a special feeling. I do not think I can explain it in words, the connection between people you have to just feel it, it is very special,” she says.