People in Oud West head out to cast their votes

By Julia Benedictus

Citizens living in the picturesque neighborhood of Oud-West, in Amsterdam, are traveling to their local polling stations today (March 15th) to cast their votes for the Provincial elections here in the Netherlands.

The people living in Oud West are voting today to elect leaders that will bring change to their community and country as a whole. Rita (72), an elderly woman living just a few houses down from polling station “De Nieuwe Liefde” tells us that she is voting today to ensure a future for the younger generation and to improve the quality of healthcare.

“Healthcare is nonexistent, we pay a lot but receive very little. There is also no adequate care provided for elders or the disabled in nursing homes”, she says. Rita stresses that the Netherlands is not heading in the right direction under the current government, “in some ways we are beginning to resemble a third world country.”

When asked why she finds voting important, Rita says, “Change needs to come. We can complain all we want, but it means nothing if we don’t take action.” Rita claims that she is voting for the Socialist Party because they have been advocating the most for the issues that she cares about, such as the housing crisis. Further commenting on her concerns about the housing crisis, Rita says “I am old, I would be happy to leave my big house and go live smaller to make room for young home buyers, but not if I receive so little in return and can only afford a dog house.”

Benthe (25), a young woman also living in Oud West, describes that her vote today is being influenced by issues that she finds most important in this phase of her life, such as the climate crisis, access to public transport, equal rights, and lowering housing costs.

“It is difficult to find a party that you share one hundred percent of your beliefs with. That is why I also find it important to actively vote against parties that you do not agree with” Benthe says. Benthe adds that she hopes to see the PvDA win the election today, but she worries that the VVD will stay on top.

Although the polling stations frequently have voters coming in and out today, some people in Oud West also say they are not sure about casting their vote today. Another citizen living in Oud West describes why she is still not sure who to cast her vote for, “I find all politicians liars who just talk out of their neck, and I don’t trust any of them. I am so disappointed in the current government that I am not sure if any of the current candidates are capable of keeping their promises.”

It is clear that the people of Oud West want to see change come from these elections. The polling stations close tonight at 21:00.

Calm election day in Oud-West Amsterdam

By Kalle Bergman

It is the 15th of March and it is time for the provincial councils and water authorities elections in the Netherlands.

The atmosphere in Oud-West Amsterdam during the day was peaceful and quiet for the most part. There were several voting stations in Oud-West and people were continuously walking in and out.

The requirements to be able to vote is that you

need to be at least 18 years old, hold a dutch

citizenship and live in the province the elections

is in.

The current ruling party in Oud-West Amsterdam

is People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy

(VVD), if that changes we have to wait and see.

VOXPOP: “who are you voting for?”

By Janne Krijnsen

The question in the voxpop is “What party are you voting for?” asked to people in the street in Oud West Amsterdam.