Election Day in Oud-Zuid

The provincial elections are underway and we are wondering about the population’s behavior in front of these elections. What are their voting habits, their priorities? Their hopes or nightmares? How do they choose who they vote for? What are their priorities when voting, and what does that say about the left-leaning area of Oud-Zuid? To answer these questions we went to one of the polling stations in the south of Amsterdam. We will try to learn more from the answers of the people we interviewed.

The Dutch left has always been unstable and fragmented. In this podcast, we take to the streets to interview voters in the wealthy, left-leaning Oud-Zuid neighborhood of Amsterdam. Our host speaks to voters about the political issues which are most important to them in an attempt to sort out the various sectors of leftism and get to the bottom of the issues which have historically plagued the left.


This infographic is about the elections of the provincial states. We have gathered information about the locals of Oud-Zuid in Amsterdam to see what their thoughts are on different political subjects.

Who’s voting in Oud-Zuid? We asked locals whether they’re heading to the polls today, and which result they’re hoping to avoid…