Mastering Beauty from Within

Trusting your internal beauty brings you a step closer to self-confidence. It all starts with uplifting your energy levels and keeping an open mind. Experts Vanessa Vink and Suzanne Stutje talk about the interdependence of vibration and beauty.

Story by Dobromir Muladzhikov

Present-day youth culture is obsessed with looking physically beautiful by investing in millions of cosmetic products to enhance the face and body. Nourishing your body is what people are taught from a young age. However, society has a way of navigating what trends you follow as an individual and they are often a reflection of Western culture, defined by beauty trends and looking ‘picture-perfect’ all the time. Beauty is not a look, it’s a vibe, an aura, a feeling of one’s own energy. But how does one feel beautiful?

Vanessa Vink is an energy reader and spiritual healer from Amsterdam. Photo by Vanessa Vink

According to research from Dove, a nationwide beauty and cosmetics company, only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. People tend to be critical when asked confrontational questions, especially about the physicality of one’s body. Vink explains why beauty is not just superficial. “It transforms with everything you do, with
every choice you make, with every person you interact with. It is never fixed. It is sensitive to influences around you”, says Vink. What is important to take out of this, is that the energy field around every living being is called an aura. “Taking care of not only your physical body but also your energy field will create a lighter, happier, highly vibrational situation. With this comes ease and your face will look less stressed. So, with that in mind, taking good care of your energy system will also make you prettier”, says Vink.

Taking a leap of faith

The first step is accepting yourself with all your insecurities. Mahatma Gandhi, an Indian
lawyer, nationalist and ethicist, famously known for his wise quotes, said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” As an individual moves through life, they try to find ways to overcome insecurities and work on their goals. “Invest in yourself, not only physically, but also men- tally. Dare to choose what is best for you. Face your fears and work on yourself in whatever way suits you best. When you come out on the other side you will be stronger, and you will have a good solid ground”, Vanessa concludes.

Self-esteem is something that only you can teach yourself.

Protect your energy

It is common for people to honour the practice of taking care of their body but protecting
your energy levels is often overlooked. Suzanne Stutje, a spiritual coach and yoga teacher, mentions that the aura is an expression of one’s own energy which others can experience, see or feel. Stutje explains how energy influences your vibration. “If you are fully connected with yourself, you will be spreading joy and love. You will be inspiring to others with your radiance. This will attract more people around you.” However, if one person is constantly vibrating low energy, they keep attracting that energy, events and people. Therefore, resulting in a constant spiral of negativity.

Emotions play an important part in the way a person radiates energy onto the world. To illustrate this, Vanessa Vink explains The Map of Consciousness, created by Dr. David Hawkins. The map is an essential tool for understanding the framework for human consciousness and energy fields associated with it. For instance, it can be seen on the map that grief and anger have a low vibration on the scale. Correspondingly, love and gratefulness vibrate higher.

Keeping the high vibration steady

Vanessa Vink explains that if you have high vibra- tion, people come to you and want a part of that. “We are like literal fireflies. It’s a ripple effect. Everything is connected”, she states. And while many might wonder how a person can uplift their energy to be more radiant and therefore attract high vibration, expert Vink has got a few tips for the people seeking beauty from within. The diversity of ways that help one improve their vibration and look more radiant is vast. When you are happier, you vibrate in a higher state.

Energy has infinite possibilities. The mind is your limit. – Vanessa Vink

There are many other ways to improve your vibration. Nourishing your physical body in order to maintain a healthy aura is important as everything is energetically charged in this world. A healthy choice of nutrition is bound to help you lift your energy system. “If people can choose to buy fresh unprocessed foods, they should really consider doing so”, Vink advises. The reason for that is that processed food contains lower vibration. Additionally, organic foods have a grounding effect on the body and mind. “Consider your body as luxurious and high quality as a Ferrari. Would you willingly choose the lowest quality gasoline for your car?”, Vink asks.

Cliché but true?

Beauty is a social construct. Studies have shown that beauty is based on societally agreed ideas that have been put into the systems of people and accepted as a norm over time. In the end, it all comes down to listening to what your soul needs rather than focusing on your physical appearance. According to Vink, there is nothing more attractive than someone who is mentally happy, emotionally available, authentic and healthy. When a person finds what makes them fulfilled, they become unstoppable.

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Capturing Auras

A conducted experiment by Dobromir Muladzhikov 

As part of my research, I decided to visit a so-called aura photographer based in the Netherlands. The goal was to see whether understanding the colour of my own aura will nudge me towards learning more about myself. I wanted to see beauty from within. When someone explores their own personality and engages in soul-searching activities, they open themselves to more opportunities for self- growth and getting to know themselves.

The aura reader Marloes van Mensvoort | Picture: Dobromir Muladzhikov

Meeting up with Marloes van Mensvoort, an aura photographer based in Den Bosch, she explains that an aura photo is two pictures combined in one. A digital one done with a normal camera and an energy one, done using a device that reads the energy frequencies out of your hand. “Every person has one or two colours, based on the rainbow scale which are very personal. These colours show the meaning behind your own personality, your talents and your gifts”, says Marloes.

According to the aura photographer, it is important to remember that one’s personal aura colour does not change with emotions or influences of people. It only gets mildly affected. However, with time as you evolve and grow as a person, your aura can evolve and transform its colour as well.

Dobromir has a purple aura. | Picture: Dobromir Muladzhikov