New day, new body

As fashion trends continue to come and go, so do body types. From Bella Hadid to Kim Kardashian, the everlasting rise and fall of body shapes are creating unreachable body expectations for women. Throughout this listicle, you will be able to pick and choose what body shape you would like to have. But please, take it with a grain of salt. Our intentions are not serious.

Story by Zara Garrido Jimenez

The Slim Thick

This body type is something that we see in the Kardashian family and it’s known for:

  • Skinny but toned legs and arms
  • A circular and perky buttock
  • Small waist
  • Plump and voluptuous breasts

If you are interested in picking this body type, you must remember that you will follow a mostly plant-based and sugar free diet (plenty of leafy greens, vegeta- bles, oat milk & tofu). Also, to keep up your ‘natural’ physique, you will need to have a personal trainer who will make sure you workout every day of the week.

The Pilates Girl

Also known as the ‘it-girl’ body, this body type is seen in celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, the list goes on and on and on. If you’re looking for the long and lean look, this one’s for you. Its main features are:

  • Super thin arms & legs
  • Flat, toned stomach, it’s really important that you have no fat whatsoever on this part of your body
  • Small waist (this seems to be a common denominator in all body types that are currently trending)
  • Small breasts or, even better, no breasts at all

This body type differs from the previous one as it requires different maintenan- ce. Firstly, when it comes to food, you will have to drink a lot of green juices and weight-loss teas. Food won’t really be part of your diet as it will be based mainly on liquids. But, if you are really really hungry you can have a small handful of almonds (and make sure to chew them really well). Of course, you will have to work out every day. You will stick mainly to pilates classes, running and yoga. Remember that to maintain this body-type you must stay lean, so stay away from any muscle building classes.

The Heroin Chic

This body type emerged in the 90s and is mostly associated with the world renowned model Kate Moss. Nowadays, it’s mostly portrayed by Bella Hadid. To have this body, sticking to the pilates girl diet and exercise regime is a must. Additionally, it’s best if you have pale skin, noticeable under eye bags and emaciated features, as it’s a key characteristic for this look.

Now, all jokes aside. With the come-and-go of body trends, we are creating unrealistic expectations for women. As a society, by creating these expectations, we are making women believe that their natural body isn’t good enough when in reality the ‘ideal body type’ doesn’t exist as all body shapes are ideal and perfect just as they are.

The purpose of this listicle is to show you that women’s bodies cannot be manipulated and treated as fast fashion, as body types are not something that can trend.