“I have fomo of the world”

A Portrait by Tina Priemus

A win for the local soccer team or a new building for the community center couldn’t concern Denzel (23). Big, extreme and of influence to a lot of people. These are the kinds of stories that draw Denzel’s attention. The Dutch student is a newsfreak. “I shut off the notifications of my phone except for the notifications of all news apps.”

Denzel’s news obsession is thriven by the fear of missing out. “I have fomo of the world. I can’t miss something that is happening in Japan.” Stories about smaller events do not seem to interest him. “I hate small news. It sometimes feels a bit nagging as opposite to big news. For example, Hetty can’t go to the supermarket on Sundays because it’s too busy for her.” Small news may not concern Denzel, but dramatic tear drawing news does. “If it’s about injustice, it usually gets to me. The more dramatic the better. I love to get a lump in my throat.”

Extreme competition is part of his extreme interest. Election here, election there, Denzel can’t stop talking about it. “The English elections and the midterms in America that are coming grab my attention. The same goes for the elections in the Philippines and the person who got chosen there.” Denzel sees himself as an adrenaline junkie. He likes right wing against left wing just as much as a nerve-wracking soccer game between Ajax and Feyenoord.

Denzel has big plans and wants to see the world. “Friends and family are scared that I might become a war journalist or someone that reports on extreme events.” For now, Denzel is satisfied with his minor International Journalism, but who knows what kind of exciting events he will cover in the future.