Guided by crystals

Jesse Hattink –

Crystals are pretty and mysterious – some also believe they have healing abilities. Minerals might be the next big thing in alternative medicine. 

22-year-old Lobke Bremmer lives in Amersfoort and is a collector of minerals and crystals. She believes that they do have healing and supporting abilities. “I have a Lapis Lazuli crystal, for example – it guides me morally and it stands for wisdom. Because of it, I don’t get angry with people and it makes me more honest.” She started her collection a year ago, after reading online that they could help her. “And they did help. First I bought rose quartz, it helped me understand love – and eventually, I even found a partner,” so she says. 

It is believed by many crystal collectors that minerals interact with the body’s energy. This leads to healing, de-stressing, and many other ways of guidance. This is not a new idea, as minerals have been used for many centuries – but now they seem to have made a real comeback. The minerals have become especially popular during the COVID-19 lockdown, with many people struggling with their physical and mental health. But can having a mineral in your back pocket be a real support in life?

Roderic Bosboom is a Ph.D. scientist in Geology and has studied the formation of these minerals for years: “The formation of minerals is very different for each one of them. Some minerals are formed, for example, by the solidification of magma or lava, others by high pressure or by the evaporation or cooling of a solution. In general, the more stable the conditions are over a longer geological period of time, the larger the crystals of which the minerals are composed.”

Bosboom himself doesn’t believe in the healing properties of minerals. According to him, he as a geologist is much more interested in the development of a larger area over longer time scales – for example; climatically, ecologically, or tectonically. In that respect, rocks provide information about the geological history of the Earth. “I am a Ph.D. scientist, and as far as I know, there is hardly any scientific evidence for the healing powers of minerals and crystals. In addition, I find the ‘story’ that rocks and minerals tell much more interesting.”

The meaning and abilities of minerals are directly linked with the owner of the mineral. For some people, they can be healing because they believe in it. Some people think that minerals can help with mental and spiritual guidance, which doesn’t have to be untrue – it just depends on who you ask.