Diana Miu: “Humans are social and need to know what’s going on. That’s why the news is so important.”

Moa Aulanko

Diana Miu, 20, studies journalism at Oxford Brookes University. For her, news plays an important role in humans being sociable and making the world a better place. 

In Miu’s home country, Romania, young people get their worldwide news from social media, and the national news from their parents. “I don’t think many people from my generation, at least the people I know, watch the 8 AM news or the 7 PM news. However, when it comes to Western news, for instance news from the US and the UK, people my age go on Instagram and follow big media companies.”

Miu explains that the news is important because humans are social beings so we need to know what the other person is thinking and doing and what discoveries have been made. “News are important because we are social beings and we need to know what’s going on at all times”, Miu says. 

Miu had a dream about working with fashion. But there was one problem. “I’m creative with my mind, but I’m not creative with my hands.” She wanted to go into fashion journalism and that way she could combine two of her favorite things, fashion and writing. However, she started studying journalism and that changed her view. 

“I’ve noticed that there are greater things out there that I could be of use to. I could have a voice when it comes to for instance women’s rights or LGBT-issues. There are bigger issues that I could use my voice for”. She still has a dream that she someday will work in fashion journalism, but she has many other dreams, one of them above all. “My top dream is to one day make a really nice, well documented documentary. I feel like I want to travel a lot and meet people. I have a type of feeling when I get a sense of a story and I want to explore it.”