Same same, but different

People from Brussels experimenting with hairstyles

When you walk through a city these days, you can see that people like to follow the trends. Not only in the center, but also in the suburbs. People want to feel modern and interesting. To emit this, their hairstyle is of great importance. In the city of Brussels, there are people who want to give it their own twist. Maryline, owner of hair salon Eaucontraire in the center of Brussels says that she doesn’t like to always cut the same way. It is important to her that her customers go home with a unique hairstyle.

Some people have experimented with their hair for years and never went to a hairdresser. Since the pandemic, more and more people have joined. Because they have more time to experiment, they become addicted to coloring their own hair. Everyone wants to be original.

Maryline in front of her own hair salon. ‘‘People want a lot of colour to be original’’.

Lou (31), an employee of a vintage store that’s located in the center of Brussels, has had many different hairstyles. From the colour pink to a mohawk. He stopped coloring his hair when he was 28 years old. Since then, he has been letting his hair grow naturally.

Maryline in front of her own hair salon. ‘‘People want a lot of colour to be original’’.

Leynell, a rapper who enjoyed the sun in district Matonge. “Since the pandemic, I have become much more creative. Both in my music and in the way I express myself to the outside world. My hair is important to me’’.

Amore Flo, a model who was preparing a big fashion show on the Grand Place in Brussels. He gets a different haircut every week done by his manager. ‘‘We always come up with the craziest things together. My haircut is just as important as my clothes’’.

Julian, who lives in the district Mutsaard, was on his way to take the tram to the city center. “If I change my haircut, it will be all black or all white. That’s why I have it both”.

Evelyne, the owner of a children’s hair salon in the district Mutsaard, says that when you ask a child what haircut they want its always an impossible idea. ‘‘It happened to me that parents asked me to make a weird haircut on their child, I refused. A kid’s haircut should not be fashion, it should help the kids feel better’’.