“You have to take responsibility for your own choices and be honest”

Teun de Leeuw – 21 years old and from Uitgeest, The Netherlands – just started with his minor, International Journalism. As an architect student at the University of Amsterdam for Applied Sciences, this could be considered an unexpected choice.

On a day-to-day basis, Teun likes to be up to date on all the latest developments in the news. He visits the website ‘nu.nl’ multiple times a day. Teun particularly likes news about sports, politics, climate change and about his studying background: architecture and construction. “You’d amazed about the number of articles about buildings”, he said. When asked if he thinks that his interests are well represented through news platforms like the NOS and nu.nl, he said “not really, but I know where to find the information I am searching for.” Teun mentions platforms like ArchDaily and ‘De Architect’, since mainstream media does not always cover news about architecture, which he understands.

With the minor International Journalism Teun continues to measure and evaluate the strength and integrity of constructions. However, this time around, it is not about buildings, but about stories. Teun values the factuality, sincerity and honesty of each article he reads. This meets Teun’s philosophy of life. “I think it’s good if you misbehave within the lines of the rules, but you have to take responsibility for your own choices and be honest.” Teun avoids articles with only one source or who seem sketchy. He wants to be able to fact check every story, if necessary. Before embarking on the world of architecture, Teun also considered starting a study in journalism. With the minor of International Journalism, he can explore his previous interest. And while doing so, he will use his own values of factuality, sincerity and honesty as the fundaments of each article he works on. This to ensure that readers of the news are not fed with false information and that the integrity of journalism will be protected.

Teun enjoys social activities. If the weather suits the occasion, Teun likes to head out to a park or sail the Amsterdam canals. If you happen to sail the canals yourself and bump into a boat with a young blonde man reading on his phone, I advise you to mention buildings like ‘The Valley’ in South-Amsterdam and the ‘Rijksmuseum’, to lighten the mood.