Bilingual street signs in the city centre of Maastricht


By Evanne Mientjes & Julia Kraan

When you walk through the city of Maastricht you may feel like a tourist in your own country. There is beautiful nature, a shopping centre and there are a lot of places to eat. But besides that, when you look up, you can also see some of the Maastricht’s dialect.







In the historical centre of Maastricht, you can find bilingual street names. These signs are written in Dutch and in Maastricht’s dialect. The bilingual signs are here to promote the language of the people living in Maastricht. In most of the cases it’s not a translation of the street name but it’s just locally named.



The proposals for new bilingual signs only can be made by neighbourhood platforms. The street name signs must conclude an history and culture and topographic aspect.

Fun fact: the first few years of changing the street names there where a lot of grammar mistakes what lead to hilarious scenes among the locals.


The city council is eager and very happy to see the dialect in Maastricht city and the society.