Maastricht: a city of history

Mohammad Kafina

Paying a visit to Maastricht means enjoying history. The city is well known for its medieval-era monuments and buildings.

One of these monuments is the Dominican Church which was constructed in 1294 by the Dominicans. The church is built entirely of marl on a basement of coal sandstone. Nowadays, the church has a big bookstore.

After the easing of the Corona Measures, the bookstore of the church was opened for visitors.

When you visit the Vrijthof square in the centre of Maastricht, you will feel how history embraces the present. People are used to enjoying having drinks in the cafes overlook the historical monuments in the square that has been developed from being an ancient Roman and Frankish cemetery into a semi-private space that belonged to the Collegiate Church of Saint Servatius. The Basilica of Saint Servatius was constructed in the 6th century and Charlemagne and his heirs. On the opposite side of the Basilica, you see the church of Sint Jankerk. The red dome of the church has a unique appearance. In the square, you see another distinguished building: “Hoofdwacht”. The building is one of the historical military buildings in the city.

The Dinghuis is another unique building in Maastricht that was the headquarters of the Brabant and Liège high courts. The building was constructed in 1470. Nowadays, the Dinghuis is a visitor centre of the VVV Maastricht.