Luna Rossa’s ice cream is more than an ice cream parlour

By Evanne Mientjes

With their self-made ice-cream, the gelateria Luna Rossa in Maastricht made some extra hours the last few sunny days. After a very quiet semester and being closed because of Covid19 the colleagues of Huub Biro, the owner of this place, are totally ready for this summer.

Luna Rossa is one of the biggest and most popular ice cream stores in Maastricht. With their self-made ice cream, they have the total attention of tourists at their location nearby the public ‘Onze Lieve Vrouwe’ square. While the locals go to the Hoogbrugstraat. A popular place where you mostly can find regular guests. In the neighborhood you can see the people enjoying their ice-creams while walking along the Maas River.

Biro and his wife mostly can be found at the Hoogbrugstraat. This was the first ice cream shop they opened in 2007, and where they still work most of the time. In the basement of this location, is where they make their own ice cream. At both locations you can see lines of people waiting for making their choice. “Luna Rossa is more than an ice cream parlour, it’s a concept”.