Everything is connected

By Josefien Gravendeel

When it comes to hypnosis many people think of shows where people’s minds are being controlled. In reality, hypnosis is related to the subconscious part of the brain and has the purpose to lead a new way of living. 

Jos van Os and Jildou Canrinus both decided to practice hypnotherapy. Van Os is 80 years old and practices hypnotherapy. At the age of 50, she made a career switch and began her hypnotherapy studies at the Instituut van Hypnose Amsterdam. She was a previous owner of a menswear shop. Jos is still very passionate about practicing hypnotherapy and enjoys working with her clients. Hypnotherapy changed Jos her life, but also everybody who visits Jos leaves feeling renewed. Sometimes even reborn. 

Hypnotherapy is based on neuroscience. The brain works in a certain way and hypnotherapy focuses on the subconscious part of the human brain. Hypnosis helps you understand your subconscious feelings by traveling back in your memories. This way, you can find the origin of a problem or trauma and process them. After processing your subconscious is changed. After the insights and changes in your subconsciousness, you can release conflicts or feelings and look at things in a new way. 

Mystical experiences

The most magical experience Jos shared with one of her clients, was the rebirth of a sixty-year-old man. “I guided him through his new birth. It was a little miracle,” Jos tells us, “He coped with the problems of feeling unwanted and unwelcome.” During his hypnotherapy, Jos guided the man to the memories of him being a baby in the womb of his mother. His mother was mentally unstable, causing the baby to feel unwanted and unwelcome. Once in the subconscious memories of him being a baby, Jos let the man relive a new mental birth. A birth she guided him through. Now with the warm welcome of the world. “You are welcome and wanted, I love you, I care for you, I won’t hurt you. You are welcome,” Jos said during the rebirth. 

Your subconscious consists of all the emotions and beliefs you collected during your life. You can see it as an automatic pilot. You are not in control. It does however affect your daily actions. Especially the events that happen during your first four years of living have a big impact on your subconscious. They happened so long ago that you forgot most of them and they only live in your subconsciousness.

Connecting to a missing piece

Jildau Canrinus is someone who also turned her life around, using hypnotherapy. Jildau always felt like something was missing in her life. To find out what this was she decided to move out of her house and end multiple of her close relationships. This missing piece she found in hypnotherapy. “It makes me see and feel how everything in the world is connected,” Jildau says. Now she guides people through hypnosis to help them understand themselves and get rid of any trauma or problems. 

Jildau also guides people through previous lives. This happens when the memories go so far back in time during hypnosis, that people remember events from their formal life. An example was a girl whose left leg was shorter than the other. She did not believe in hypnosis but did it anyway. During hypnosis, she went back to the time where she was a soldier in the Second World War. During a grenade attack, she was injured. One of her legs was separated from her body. She tried to hide and stop the leg from bleeding. The soldier believed she had a chance to survive. So her last thoughts remained with her leg and staying alive. Unfortunately, the soldier died. “Something becomes a trauma when u can not find closure and leave an experience unfinished. Because of the soldier’s last thoughts, he suffered from a trauma in her later life. This is what the girl experiences. Trauma can be physical or psychological,” Jildau tells. 

Hypnotherapy helps you understand your subconscious thoughts and actions. Through this it changes your behaviour in the present and future. The therapy can have a great impact on your life. You can leave trauma’s in the past because of hypnotherapy and even previous lives can be revealed. Jos van Os says: “Hypnotherapy is life changing, if you are open for it.”