Swipe your way through politics

Swipe your way through politics

13 irresistable Dutch politicans are looking for a match

by Tamara Mohamed

Our generation is losing touch with politics and it’s time for a change, through a way we all understand and like; Tinder. Swipe your way through the parliament and get to know the Dutch politicians! 

Mark, 53
2 kilometres away
Never change a winning team. Over the past decade the VVD has proven to be the best political party for the Netherlands, so why change that? We will be focussing on restoring the economy after this tragic pandemic, where we have proven to be successful. Together, for an economically well Netherlands. 

Hugo, 43 
20 kilometres away
Over the past few months I have been the minister of healthcare in the Netherlands, and I think that my work has proven to be successful. Only by working together we can solve the problems that we are facing. As long as everyone takes their responsibility, financially and socially, we will grow even better. 

Sigrid, 59
3 kilometres away
Equal rights where everyone gets equal opportunities. D66 wants to give everyone in the Netherlands the same chance at getting an education. Trying to be the middle ground in a time where everyone becomes more extremist. We want to listen to each other, instead of screaming.

Geert, 57
28 kilometres away
Dutch traditions are swiped away by immigrants. If we don’t step in now, we will lose our culture of ‘Sinterklaas’, Black Pete and fireworks. Instead, we will be celebrating Ramadan and a paedophile prophet. We need to fight for the Dutch culture and values, so everyone feels safe here. 

Lodewijk, 46
11 kilometres away
The Netherlands should not be a tax paradise. We expect a fair share of all the millionaires and multimillionaires to contribute to our society. Making childcare free, to give every parent the opportunity to work without having to worry about childcare. 

Kees, 52
5 kilometres away
The process of modernizing the country has gone too far, and we lost our values. Together, we want to bring back the old Christian values of our country. The Bible takes the lead in the country, bringing God his word. 

Gert-Jan, 51
32 kilometres away
The ChristianUnion is a party where everyone should feel at home and welcome. We value the opinion of God and the strength of society. Everyone should actively participate in society, and we want to support that with a conscription. Bringing the Netherlands together again, with our old Christian values.

Farid, 49
6 kilometres away
Giving a voice to the people who you normally do not see in the political debate. The current political climate lacks diversity, people who represent the entire population of the Netherlands. We want to build on an inclusive society where everyone is represented in our politics. 

Esther, 44
41 kilometres away
For years, politics have been too focussed on the economy, making profit and multinationals. Now is the time to look at those who can’t voice their opinions, the climate and the animals. Millions of animals are brutally killed every year, so we can have cheap meat in the supermarket. For equal lives for all. 

Lilian, 35
5 kilometres away
Humanity, equality and solidarity. At the Socialist Party we stand for an equal society where everyone gets the opportunities they deserve. We want to bring back the feeling of solidarity and togetherness in the Netherlands, together with breaking down the capitalistic system that has been ruining our country.    

Jesse, 34 
27 kilometres away
No more following the will of Shell, Ahold, Unilever and other international companies trying to influence our politics. Now is the time for change. Climate change is on the rise and if we don’t change our actions now, we will only regret it in the future. A staple party in putting the climate change on the political agenda. Choose us, for a better future.    

Thierry, 37 
35 kilometres away
Quousque tandem abutere, Catilina, patientia nostra? The democracy is in danger, and we are here to fight the party system from within. We value your opinion more than the opinion of the European Union, bringing power back to the people. With direct referendums, you get to directly decide what you want and value. Swipe right if you’re willing to fight the political elite with me.