“We’re all in our own little bubble created by the media”

Being new to the media world is very exciting. Nineteen-year-old Tamara lives in Amersfoort and works at Starbucks. Starbucks doesn’t even sell good coffee she said but people buy it because it’s Starbucks. Walking around with a Starbucks cup apparently gives you a feeling of wealth some people think.

Tamara’s major study is Public Management which is totally different from International Journalism although her major has a lot to do with politics as well.

“International Journalism isn’t as strict as Public Administration. In this minor I can let my creativity flow and discover my skills in writing and audio-visual media. Media and politics always go together and that is exactly what I’m interested in. I’m very excited to combine these two.”

The media creates a bubble for everyone. Everyone knows Google and Facebook know everything from us. We don’t want it, yet we’re still using it every single day. Most of the news we see is collected for us personally. News is accessible but it also isn’t Tamara said. Of course, we can all look up the news on the internet, but the algorithms choose what we see. Not very objective is it? She thinks that people get more extremist in their way of thinking about the world and ideals because they always see the same type of content because of the bubble.

Tamara hopes that she can change that while doing this minor or when finished. “It’s important to put more effort in giving the news to a bigger wider audience. Not from a perspective but actually show the world the real facts. After this minor I want to report political news in a way that it’s accessible and understandable for everyone in a neutral way.”

Photo: Tamara Mohamed

Text: Simon den Balvert