‘Not everybody has to have a social media account’

When President Macron of France started a TikTok account to reach out to young people that graduated from high school, communications student Chiara Kahn felt somewhat awkward. “Of course it was a nice gesture, but it felt so cringy,” she told us. Chiara has a very clear vision when it comes to social media. “Not every type of social media is for everybody and there are definitely other ways for the president to reach his target audience. Not everybody has to have a social media account.”

Parisian student Chiara Kahn has always loved creativity, writing and sharing stories and has a special place in her heart for radio and podcasts. “My dream is to produce a podcast with which I can help people to get their stories heard. I love to listen to podcasts where you can learn something from other people and that’s exactly what I want to produce myself.” Being able to produce a radio show and podcast in an actual studio is what convinced Chiara to start her minor International Journalism in Amsterdam. “It’s too bad I’ll probably not be able to come over to the studio this year, but I’m still eager to learn a lot about producing audio content.”

During Chiara’s first internship she wrote articles for marketing and communications magazine Stratégies. “I didn’t like being at the office almost every day. When I saw my colleges going places and interviewing people I had a clear view of what I wanted: I wanted to be one of them!”

The current developments of journalism sometimes frightens Chiara. “Because everyone can pose as an expert on social media, it can be hard to distinguish real facts from opinions and fake news,” Chiara explains. “I love it when journalists have an opinion, but it’s dangerous when a journalist takes his opinion and states it as a fact. One of my old teachers once told me that fake news spreads six times faster than actual news. I think that’s scary.”