The Malijn, Tijn & Wine Cooking Show: Tasty & Healthy Banana Bread

When you have a little more free time you come up with a lot of things to do. You may find a new hobby like painting or knitting, you can finally read that one book, or try out a delicious baking recipe. Malijn Pieterse, who is in Haarlem, teaches Tijn de Bruin from Zaandam how to make a tasty and healthy banana bread. From the safety of their own homes they catch up, bake and have a glass of white wine in a cooking show we like to call: The Malijn, Tijn & Wine Cooking Show. Baking is a great way to rewind and so is having a beautiful glass of wine. Sit back, relax and see how you can make this delicious banana bread with ingredients you probably have lying around in your house!