The tourists are gone, but does this make Amsterdam a better place?

No more bumbag packs and DSLR-camera’s, the tourists are gone.
International Angle reporter Jelle Voort asks himself: Does this make Amsterdam a better place?

By Jelle Voort

For a long time, the people in Amsterdam have been complaining about the over-tourism the Dutch capital has been dealing with in the last couple of years. They would say Amsterdam doesn’t belong to the ‘Amsterdammers’ anymore. The main language on a terrace in the city center is English, and the city center is so busy that it’s just not fun to be there for longer than an hour. But now that the corona restrictions are in full effect, this massive flow of tourists has suddenly come to a stop. What does it mean for the city? Does this slow down mean that Amsterdam is a better city for the native ‘Amsterdammers’ again? We’ve spoken to Sietse, Joan, and Steven. Sietse and Joan have been living in Amsterdam their whole life and have mixed feelings about the situation. Steven is working in both a gym and a bar in the Dutch capital, so to him, this sudden stop means a loss of income.

Listen below to find out what they have to say: