Diminishing the Walls of Racism

A photo feature by Patrick Lowe

Los Angeles – Protests in Los Angeles, and all around the globe, started after the tragic death of George Floyd. As the days have gone by, protests in Los Angeles have become larger with more people jumping on board to fight for systematic change and to diminish the walls of racism in the United States.  

The demonstrations that had started Saturday night, May 30, began around noon. People from all over the greater Los Angeles area started mobilizing to take a stand against police brutality. However, as the night drew, sporadic violence started to break out again. Rioters and looters had started to torch businesses, blow up police cars, and the national guard had been deployed. 

Over the weekend from May 30 to May 31, a police post in Los Angeles had been burned and a bus had been hijacked. All around the Fairfax district, which lies right next to the farmers market in downtown, people started breaking into businesses and nearby shops. 

Despite the violence, the movement and the fight for peace and equality remains strong. The majority of the people on the streets are trying to promote peace and do not like how the violence is discrediting the BLM movement. 

This is a pivotal moment when generations push for justice and come together to prioritize solidarity.  People from all different backgrounds and races are now making a stand, and even though the trump administration has tried to fight the protests with military force and curfews, people don’t seem to budge.