Life in times of Corona – Episode 16

In this episode of Life in Times of Corona, Malijn Pieterse gathers online with Annemarie Andre, Ruben den Boer and Fleur Stigters. They discuss the latest updates regarding the COVID-19 measurements in Austria, Annemarie’s country of origin, and the Netherlands. The group has been quite busy the past few weeks with their own magazine Rewind, which is due to come out in June. Ruben, the editor in chief, keeps us posted about how the work is going down right now. We also get a little sneak peak into a story about adopting animals in these pandemic times. Therefore, we talked to Anja, who adopted her two cats Mia and Shanna shortly after the lockdown in Austria (see featured image). Last but not least, Fleur informs us about how the designing process is working out. Have a listen to find out more!