Must-Listens: podcasts that change your life

We love blog posts and videos, but they demand our full attention. Podcasts give us the gift of multitasking. You can do pretty much anything while listening to a podcast: clean the house, walk your dog, take the metro to school, you name it.  That’s why they are so popular these days. The editors of ‘Shift’ think that you must listen to these 5 podcasts.

Text by Annelijn Oviawe

How to do everything

In this weekly podcast, the hosts Mike Danfort and Ian Chilag discuss basically everything. And with everything, they really mean everything: going on a date, finding a bunch of rainworms, keeping your fries crispy, faking childhood memories… everything. Listeners can send in questions through their website, and the questions are answered by the hosts with the help of experts. The show is humorous, on pace and a definite must-listen!


If you have lived under a rock and don’t know this one yet, please crawl out! It’s a true crime podcast in which the host investigates a case in each season. You get sucked right into the thrilling story told by host and journalist Sarah Koening. This podcast is a hit and worth the listen.

The Alarmist

This weekly comedy podcast covers history’s greatest disasters to find out what went wrong – where, how and when. Examples of topics are: the plague or the sinking of the Titanic. Amazing choice for those who love history and a good laugh.

When life gives you melons

This podcast had its last episode in 2018, however, it’s a pearl not many have discovered yet. In this down to earth, round the table podcast, British tv-presenter Maya Jama invites career women to talk about subjects such as asking for a pay rise, work and love stories. An interesting podcast for young women and a guaranteed amusement.


“Because being an adult doesn’t come with instructions.” Comedians Michelle Buteau and Jordan Carlos share their stories about adulting with listeners and invite friends to join the convo. This podcast can be seen as the little guide all young adults need before entering the big scary world.