52 UFO reports past week

By Ingrid Godager & Thea Agnethe Eriksen

The UFO Meldpunt Nederland has received 52 reports concerning UFOs in the Netherlands in the past week.

Alexander Griffioen, founder of the UFO Meldpunt Nederland, hopes that their site can help proving the existence of UFOs. “There’s definitely times where I think people have reported sightings that is off this earth”, he says.

UFO Meldpunt is a hotline where you can report sightings of UFOs. Since their launch in 2011, they have received a total of 7733 reports of UFOs. Every month there is an average of 73 reports, where 54 per cent of the reporters believe in extraterrestrial visitors.

Seen several UFOs
Erwin Noorman, social worker and writer for UFO Zaken, believes he has seen several UFOs in his life. The first time was in 1994 when he visited Aruba with a group of friends. He explains: “Suddenly I saw a huge triangle with lights in the corner moving silently. It came over my head very very fast. I told the others ‘look at that’, and the were all laughing at me. Just one of the others looked up, and she saw it as well”.

Noorman adds that he didn’t have any knowledge nor interest about the extraterrestrial visitors before, but that this event really sparked his interest in the phenomenon.

Lack of information is a problem
Griffioen finds it sad when people don’t take the reports seriously. “I think some people are lacking information, and they will keep on lacking information if they won’t consider the fact that they might not be right”, he says.

He explains that among the people that are reporting these events are astronauts, pilots and military personal. “They’re people in charge of guarding airspace or guarding a military base. They’re people we trust with our nuclear weapens. Why don’t we trust them anymore when they say they saw something weird flying around?”, Griffioen asks.

Yet he does believe that some people draw a conclusion to early. “Some are saying that ‘these must be green men from Mars’. Just the fact that they’re unidentified doesn’t mean they’re alien space crafts” he adds.

Mundane explanations
Griffioen explains how the reported sightings often has a simple explanation: “There is a lot of very common mundane explanations for stuff that people might consider extraterrestrial”.

As a result of people often reporting sightings of for example lanterns and airplanes, they changed the site: They added a page before the reporting form, where the reporter can see 4 or 5 possible explanations for the sight. “This helps identify the sighting before it is submitted. So everything that comes through now is more interesting than what got through in the past”, Griffioen explains.