“People are starting cosmetic surgery younger and younger”

Written by Naomi de Ridder 

The number of aesthetic plastic operations has increased by 10 million worldwide since 2010. The reason why are improved techniques and the popularity of social media, says Doctor Gokoel. 

Around 23 million cosmetic surgeries are performed every year worldwide, according to a rapport of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Since 2010 the number of operations has dramatically increased. “This is partly due to the fact that the techniques are better than before”, thinks K. Gokoel, surgeon at Cosmetic arts Clinics K. He says that it is now possible to undergo a surgery that is only temporarily visible. This is an important reason why the threshold is much lower. Another major cause of the increase is social media.

“People are starting cosmetic surgery younger and younger”, Doctor Gokoel says. “Especially young girls who follow many influencers on Instagram. The girls like the pictures that the influencers posts, and they want to look like them. Also, some influencers talk very openly about cosmetic surgery. This makes the taboo smaller.” According to Doctor Gokoel, there is a very different way of talking about cosmetic surgery on the internet in comparison with ‘real life’. “People online are much more likely to admit that they have made use of lip fillers, for example. When you ask someone on the street, there is a bigger chance that he or she will deny it.”

A Youtuber who’s very open about this is Yelda Coskun (24). At the age of nineteen she took lip fillers for the first time. Now she has had her lips done three times. On her YouTube channel ‘Yelda’s Passies’ she posted a video in which she talks about her experiences with lip fillers. “I think it’s important to be honest with others and I know that there are girls who find it scary to take the step. In my video I take my followers with me through the process and I share my personal experience.” 

Curious about Yelda’s video in which she shares her experiences? Watch the video via this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqchI9p4Ecc.