Music keeps you open minded

Written by Marijn Butter


Name: David Jansen

Age: 21 years old

City: Amsterdam

Study: Cultural and Social education

Music: Singer and songwriter (Debski) and lead singer of the rock band ‘The Strip’

The meaning but mostly the purpose of music is very important in our society nowadays. I think music helps people in many ways. It offers people support, it helps people reflect on their own acts and it helps them with developing themselves and evolving their own mindset.

Music means support to a lot of people, including me. When I listen to a song, I identify myself with the lyrics. The genre or melody itself contributes to what I’m feeling at that moment. A lot of people listen to sad music when they feel sorry for themselves. Certain words can be soothing at times like that. It works the same with writing songs. By writing my own songs, I figure out my emotions. By putting the chaos in my head on paper I put things in perspective. This means music reflects with your own mindset too. For example: when I listen to R&B a lot of it makes me feel a little swagger. I’ll adjust my behaviour to the music and act on it.

Because music reflects on the person you are, it also helps you develop yourself. It helps you become less narrow-minded. Men have a certain mindset because they belong to a certain group or subculture. Music helped a lot of people I know broaden their horizons and made them more open-minded. I used to be very judgmental about some genres because it didn’t fit in the elitist mindset I had at that point. Right now I just think ‘Who gives a fuck?’.

By being this broad-minded you increase your knowledge of the world too. When you listen to a song, you hear the perspective of our society through someone else’s view. You hear the day-to-day struggles of a person or sometimes a certain group.

Music can change your whole mindset and view of the world we live in, but it can also make your persona stronger. It can make you feel confident by meeting new people and exploring different genres. It makes me care less about what other people think and it helps me discover new things, people and music. As a performer, it helps me push my boundaries. I used to sing very softly, but when you’re on stage, you have to have some power in your voice. This takes a lot of courage, but by doing it you only gain more confidence. Therefore, I’ve become more secure and gained personal strength. I think this is a big revolution for me in music.

With music, you can reach groups and bring people together. Music has changed people, groups and society over the years and it will keep doing this.