The Caravan of Migrants

By Sebastián Aceves 

New York City is also known as the place where migrants can find the American Dream. However, around 12,000 people from Central American have walked over 4,000 kilometers leaving their homeplaces. This huge exodus called the Caravan of Migrants are now stuck in Tijuana, Mexico, which is the final stop to cross the US Border.

One thought on “The Caravan of Migrants

  1. Dear Sebastian,
    You have made a mini-documentary of it. Very good!
    I think it’s good that you have interviewed so many different people who all highlight a different side of this issue. In terms of content, it fits together well. By sometimes mixing the quotes of your interviewees more, the story would have become even more varied.
    Reporter Gabriella Pena must be interviewed at the editorial office or in a radio studio. That is a nicer picture than in a white office space. And then you get even better sound. Also make sure that your interviewee does not look into the lens (Mayra). In terms of technique and editing you can make this reportage even better by giving your subtitles the same format, close ups of a board etc. always with a tripod (more steady) and add setnoise: you want to hear a street. And if you mix appropriate music to it, then it’s perfect.

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