New York response to the Trump TV Speech

By: Bram van Wijnen & Anne Schoonderwoert

Donald Trump gave a live speech from the oval office for the first time during his presidency. During his nine minutes speech, he addressed one of the biggest promises he made during his election: the wall. Trump’s speech, broadcasted live on every news channel in the United States, attracted millions of viewers.

At 9 PM local time, all news channels switched to a live broadcast from the oval office in Washington. The leaders of the democratic party Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer also claimed 10 minutes broadcast time to give their response to Trump’s speech. Almost every New Yorker turned on their TV, the music at local bars was turned down and the large TV screens showed Trump behind his desk, waiting to address the people of his country.

As New York listened to what Trump had to say, we went out the next day to find out how the people of New York City felt about Trumps speech.

Matt, watched the speech at Irish pub Peter Dillon’s, Manhattan

I have been a republican my whole life, but I’m seriously considering switching parties. My whole family voted for Trump, except me. I feel embarrassed that someone like Trump is representing not only me, but the whole country. He’s feeding everyone lies and is pretending the wall will solve all the problems we’re facing. I absolutely despise him. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Did you know his dad wrote his doctor a cheque of 500 dollars so Donald could leave the military and avoid being deployed to Vietnam? I mean, my dad is also rich but he would never do something like that, that’s just disgusting.

Niall, watched the speech at Irish pub Peter Dillon’s, Manhattan

I’m Irish so I’m an immigrant. That means Trump doesn’t really like me, but I don’t really like him either. His speech was just a mess, full of lies. He’s trying to manipulate people’s emotions to win votes. But let’s be honest, he really doesn’t care about me, you, or all the other Americans that are here in the pub right now. I’m afraid the democrats are shooting themselves in the foot with their speech. They’re giving Trump exactly the demonstrative reaction he wants. He’s just a celebrity with a lot of money that we unfortunately call our president. Despite all the fuss, I think he will win re-election.

Aileen, didn’t watch the speech but read the reports this morning

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to watch Trumps speech last night, but I read a lot of reports about it this morning. There was no escaping it, it was in every newspaper and on every news channel. The most remarkable thing I noticed was that Trump is pretending our country is being invaded by murderers and criminals, which is not case. I can’t predict the future, but if the elections were tomorrow I’m confident he would still win.

Frank, watched the speech at home in Brooklyn

Honestly? I don’t like Trump. His speech included the same arguments he’s been saying for the past year. He has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about. Saying he knows what the middle working class needs, he has no clue. He doesn’t know what it’s like to work hard for your money and make a living. We used to have Hitler, well…now we have Trump. I don’t know why, but there is still a majority who’s supporting him. I’m afraid he will get re-elected. But I’ll tell you this, everything comes to an end. Even Trump.

It’s clear that the New Yorkers and Trump have a troubled relationship. The people we spoke to don’t have a lot of nice words to say about their president. Some of them even despise him. In the minds of New Yorkers, they fear that Trump will win the re-elections, despite all the fuss. But just as Frank said, everything will come to an end. Even Trump.