Our trip to the land of Brexit and Extinction Rebellion

This week we, students from the minor International Journalism, went to London to visit major news organisations and do some reporting on the streets of UK’s capital city. We started on Monday morning with our first visit, to the Independent. The Independent is a major newspaper that since 2016 has become an online newspaper. Because of that they publish stories throughout the day, as they … Continue reading Our trip to the land of Brexit and Extinction Rebellion

Served the country, not served by the country

Dozens of veterans are reported to be homeless in The Netherlands in 2019.  By Annelijn Oviawe & Thirza de Raad Homeless shelter Leger des Heils recently did a brief research within the organisation on homeless ex-militaries. The research included testimonies of their staff members and it suggested that hundreds of veterans visit the shelter. Ex-militaries often suffer from mental health issues. Even though the ministry … Continue reading Served the country, not served by the country

Setting sails for seven weeks at sea

AMSTERDAM – A group of young Europeans said goodbye to friends and family before leaving shore and sailing from Amsterdam to Chile for the COP25 to call for a future of climate-neutral travel. By Natasha Jahanshahi A young man with wavy, shoulder-length hair is making large movements with his arms, as he is folding a bright red accordion in and out. He stomps his foot … Continue reading Setting sails for seven weeks at sea

‘Journalism brings countries together’

27-year-old Lisa Muller, born and raised in Amsterdam, has just started a minor in International Journalism. Currently, she works as a junior marketeer, but her passion for writing has led her to enrol in this minor. “I like my job as a junior marketeer. It’s a completely different side of communications compared to journalism. I like a bit of a challenge, and the fact that … Continue reading ‘Journalism brings countries together’

“They start their life 0-3 behind”

By Ingrid Godager Poverty among non-Western migrants in the Netherlands is going down, but for Syrians the poverty rate has increased. A new report from The Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP) states that the number of non-Western migrants living in poverty has decreased by 18 percent since 2013. “The decrease in poverty is mostly due to economic growth, but also some policy measures like … Continue reading “They start their life 0-3 behind”

“Classic media is for old people”

written by Ronny Taferner Brendan Mc Dade from The Netherlands wants to enter the news industry, even if it is hard nowadays. He explains how media companies could survive in this crisis. Journalism has fascinated the 19-years old Brendan Mc Dade from the Netherlands since he was a child. He is very curious and always wants to gain background information. This is why he studies … Continue reading “Classic media is for old people”

When the air kills thousands of people

written by Bart Jacobs and Ronny Taferner Amsterdam is well known for its huge number of bicycles – it even has more bicycles than inhabitants. However, it is one of the most air polluted cities of Europe. Imagine you are smoking the equivalent of six cigarettes every day without being aware of it – that happens to you if you live in Amsterdam or in … Continue reading When the air kills thousands of people

Number of elderly homeless men continues to rise

By Natasha Jahanshahi The number of elderly homeless men in Denmark has doubled during the past ten years. A more excluding and strict social- and employment policy is the main reason, experts say. As the number of young homeless people in Denmark is declining, still more and more men above 50 lose their homes, a new report, made by the National Research and Analysis Center … Continue reading Number of elderly homeless men continues to rise

52 UFO reports past week

By Ingrid Godager & Thea Agnethe Eriksen The UFO Meldpunt Nederland has received 52 reports concerning UFOs in the Netherlands in the past week. Alexander Griffioen, founder of the UFO Meldpunt Nederland, hopes that their site can help proving the existence of UFOs. “There’s definitely times where I think people have reported sightings that is off this earth”, he says. UFO Meldpunt is a hotline … Continue reading 52 UFO reports past week