The city of sin

by Robin Chün and Sam van der Loo

People from all over the world come to Amsterdam for sex, drugs and fries. Have a look!

Thick drips of greasy mayonnaise run down tourists’ hands holding fries. Rows of shiny and expensive scooters in a line of wealth. The glow of the red lights as lonely men look for cheap sex. A million footsteps wear away the streets, bringing with them the sins of the city. Every city has its own manifestations of sinful behaviour. Amsterdam is no different, or even better: the city offers it all. Giving you everything you need to overindulge. It lures you in and holds you in its grip, never letting go. Wallow away in envy at the never obtainable beauty of models in store fronts, or gamble away your hard earned money in casinos. The city will satisfy your every desire. You can sin in the heat of the sun, on a terrace with too much beer. You can sin under the cover of night with too many temptations. To lose yourself in a city that gives you every chance to get lost is not surprising.

Everyday people, going about their daily lives, sinning and sinning some more. Whether it is a quick snack or unwinding with a relaxing blunt. In the end, we all sin in the City of Sin.