“Short videos will overrule traditional newspaper articles”

By Joia Vieira

Ruben Andriesse is a 23-year-old student at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Born and raised in Haarlem, he moved to Amsterdam 1.5 years ago for his studies and is now living your average student life. On a daily basis, he enjoys spending time with friends but especially with his girlfriend. ‘’My girlfriend is one of my biggest hobbies’’ Ruben says cheerfully.

Ruben studies Media Information & Communication and completed two exciting internships. Firstly, he worked for the TV production company De Witte Geit where he gained experience in filming and working behind the scenes of two popular television shows called Sophie in de kreukels and Filemon slaat door. Next, he worked as a vlogger for KLM which was another big accomplishment for him. The weekly vlog show was called ‘Intern on a mission’ where he covered multiple topics in and around the airport. From transporting horses to simulating a plane crash into the water, Ruben saw it all.

Presenting is something Ruben always had an affinity with. His goal is to improve his interview skills to accomplish his dream: becoming a presenter of a professional show with a target group for people in their twenties, discussing topics of his own interest. Ruben is uncertain about the future of journalism. According to Ruben ‘’short explaining videos will overrule traditional newspaper articles’’. In his opinion, 30 second videos that consist of trending subjects will attract a major audience, because people do not have a long concentration span. People do not take the time to read a full newspaper anymore. They want to choose what subject they will receive information on and they want it to be explained efficiently and fast. Ruben contemplates that leading concepts will be platforms like AJ+ Facebook or NOS Kort.