“I want to be an editor-in-chief of a fashion website one day”

By Denise van der Bij

She is 20 years old, lives in Berlin and spends entire days writing about fashion and scrolling through her Instagram timeline looking for new inspiration for her next blog. International student Brianna Novak wants to become the new Vogue director as soon as possible.

Brianna usually spends her days in Berlin, the trendy capital city of Germany, where she developed her love for fashion. “I really like fashion. I always watch fashion vlogs on YouTube, listen to podcasts and of course, go shopping a lot.”

Novak, who studies Journalism and Cooperate Communication at the school for Media, Communication and Economics (HMKV) in Berlin, has recently moved to Amsterdam for a minor in International Journalism. “It is important that I improve my writing skills, especially in English. The world of fashion is a very diverse and international business, so it is required that my English is at a high level.”

Besides her love for fashion, Brianna has two other passions. The first one is makeup. “Some people use makeup to cover their faces, because they feel insecure about themselves.  I use it, because I really like it and I think makeup can help make an outfit look even better.” Her other passion is photography and that is also something she wants to improve upon while living in Amsterdam.

Until now, Brianna did not have much experience in journalism, but that is not stopping her from following her dream. “I would like to do my internship at a fashion label and I am also thinking about starting my own fashion blog. When I have more experience, I would like to be the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine or website one day.”