Jasmine Wallis: A millennial with ambition

By Jet Beers

Born in the UK and raised in Australia, Jasmine Wallis now rides her bike in Amsterdam. Here, she will pursue the minor International journalism for the next six months. Being out of her Australian bubble, she is excited to start broadening her horizon in this city.

From an early age, Jasmine was inspired by the Cosmo covers and, as soon as she was allowed to, she would run to the stores to buy the newest edition. Her dad, a music journalist, inspired her to start writing. She started off practicing in scrap books and later continued improving her skills by studying Media and Communication in Melbourne. Now, at the age of 22, she works as a freelance journalist for the Australian fashion magazine Frankie and founded her own online magazine called ‘Genzine’ at 19 years old.

Frustrated about the perspective of how young people are showcased nowadays, the young Australian features stories in her magazine about topics she’s interested in as a millennial. “We are often pictured as people who are just traveling and have no ambition anymore.” As an enterprising journalist, Jasmine’s ambition is to write real stories which dig deeper and are more meaningful. Her dream is to become an editor of a fashion magazine. In this position, she wants to make a difference and change the image magazines have nowadays. “Media influences a lot of youngsters around the world. It’s important to be aware of this impact and represent diversity.”

Being in the last year of her study, Jasmine wants to keep gaining experience in writing, but also in visual storytelling. “Journalists nowadays are not limited to only one medium anymore, so we have to adjust to keep up with the digital world around us,” she says. As a freelance writer, Jasmine is now working on making a name for herself by gaining more experience as a journalist.