“The news outlets need to get their shit together”

By Evelina Kulp

22-year old student Livia Hirsch believes that news outlets need to refocus onto deeper, longer stories, if they want to survive in the changing media climate.

While Hirsch believes that journalism will always survive, she thinks that the news outlets will have to go through some dramatic changes within the near future. “The craft of journalism has already changed a lot. Nowadays, Twitter is considered a valid source of information, which wouldn’t have been the case ten years ago” she says.

Hirsch studies International Fashion Management at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, but is currently taking a minor in International Journalism at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science. She believes that the internet has made today’s journalists lazy. She thinks news outlets need to refocus onto deeper, heavier stories if they want to survive in this changed media climate. “The media need to get their shit together and cut their cute, flashy headlines. I mean, news is not just following Trump’s tweets.” she says. In a way, one could also claim that Hirsch favors a slower type of reporting. “News outlets shouldn’t have to put out articles every hour. There isn’t always something worth reporting on.” she says.

Livia Hirsch wanted to take the minor in International Journalism because she has always been interested in a career in journalism. She already has some experience in marketing.

“I wanted to broaden my horizons further and study something else besides fashion.” she says. She could imagine herself working at Vanity Fair or a magazine alike. “I think they have a lot of good articles as well as good fashion reporting.” she says.