Let me take a selfie

by Laura Hornberger and Dana Dübbers Holocaust memorials are built to remember the people that died for our freedom. Should we allow people to take amusing pictures here? Around 20 Million people visit Amsterdam every year. Most of them for a short weekend trip, aiming to make as many memories as possible. Nowadays, you don’t send postcards to show friends and family extracts from your … Continue reading Let me take a selfie

The art of lying

by Livia Hirsch Can you count how many times you’ve lied this week? Livia Hirsch investigates why we don’t always tell the truth. Lying is a part of human nature. We do so close to twice a day according to research by Robert Feldman, a psychologist at the University of Massachusetts. Many animals engage in deception, however, only humans are capable of misleading both themselves … Continue reading The art of lying

Feminist porn comes in all shapes and sizes

Words by Brianna Novak   Bad working conditions, sexism and male dominance – this is internet porn. However, feminist pornography shows that there is another way: more equality, diversity and sexual self-determination. Even before young people have their first sexual experience, they will have watched porn. These films serve as an integral part of sexual education and because of that, shape how we view sex. … Continue reading Feminist porn comes in all shapes and sizes

Streetwear: hype and big money

by Salvador Nito Wong   Limited collections, strong marketing and inflated prices: creating hypes – for making more profit – has become rampant among fashion brands. Brands can go a long way, taking the price of a single construction brick from $30 to a $500. ‘I love hype, it’s a feeling about a product. You know what is going to rise and what’s not. It’s … Continue reading Streetwear: hype and big money

Wonder oil

by Babette Res   Cannabis is commonly used for recreational purposes, but many use it as a medicine to lessen pain. Still the taboo remains. Cannabidiol, most commonly referred to as ‘CBD oil’, is a chemical compound found in cannabis or marijuana plants. Next to CBD, you find Tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as TCH, in the marijuana plant. While CBD gives you a feeling of relaxation, … Continue reading Wonder oil