The Propaganda of the Century: Trump Tweeting!

“The problem with propaganda is you do not see the full universe of facts.”


The 21st century has been a time that is witnessing all sorts of new propaganda tactics in different countries and cultures: Putin in Russia, Erdogan in Turkey, and Trump’s modern media propaganda in the United States. All of the major world leaders’ propaganda differs from each other primarily Donald Trump has developed a new way of to the propaganda that is through social media which is becoming the most potent communication outlet.

Trump used his personal Twitter account actively during his presidential campaign which brought up much controversy. Many have judged the way he uses his account. His Twitter is mostly used for his thoughts and biases to run his propaganda on fake news, racial prejudices, his Muslim ban, and others. Many find his Tweets immature, offensive, biased, and describe them as hate speech. One thing his propaganda via social media has succeeded at is making him the 45th President of the United States. With forty million followers on Twitter; it is working the way he wants it to be, and we know it.

Dr. Phillip Stocken, 51, an accounting professor and is a former Dean, at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, describes Trump as “tremendously impulsive, not a thinker, and most of the time uninformed.” Dr. Stocken is originally from Johannesburg, South Africa but, has lived his half of his life in the United States. He believes that Trump’s presidency brought a tremendous amount of division in the country, “What he shares on social media has created a division which is visible in street protest, sports, you name it.”

The way that Trump conducts himself is questionable to some, but also highly motivational and rallies others. Millions of people blindly follow what he says because “…there is nothing debt on what he says especially when most of what he says is on Twitter.” There is a big difference when you see the leader speaking or reading what he thinks. Most of the world leaders today chooses the give powerful speeches whereas Trump is turning his Twitter account his propaganda weapon. Another reason why this tactic is working because everything Trump says “…is so digestible. When he writes, he has in mind a 10-year-old person.” In the United States, people tend to believe the first thing they hear or see because “the problem is, most of the people in this country don’t spend time on reading publications for fact-checking.”