What a Catholic University looks like

By Jantine Brandemann & Melanie Hazenberg

Like most universities and schools in Madrid, Universidad CEU San Pablo in Madrid is a Catholic university. Most schools and universities are private so they have a choice to add catholic religious education to their curriculum or not. Ana, a student at San Pablo, says: “This is not a conservative university, although the most important Catholic holidays are being celebrated here.”









The unIMG_5999iversity has a special chapel room, where students and teachers can pray. “I come to pray here every day for five minutes IMG_6006before my classes will start,” student Ali says.

In the chapel, prayers as well as Bibles can be  found.






IMG_6007The picture on the left shows a small vat with water where people pIMG_6018ut in their fingers before making the sign of a cross.

Besides a few posters of Jesus and Mary and small, wooden crucifixes hanging on the walls in every classroom, and the chapel, these are the only symbols that show San Pablo University is Roman Catholic.