New tapas restaurant in La Latina serves fresh and healthy dishes

By Anneroos van Eijk

The owner of tapas restaurant Juana la Loca in La Latina opened a new restaurant: Toga. Toga is also a tapas restaurant, but with a different twist. At Calle de Juanelo, visitors can eat fish, meat, salads, cheese and Anneroos 1desserts. Dishes are inspired by the Spanish and Latin American cuisine.

The restaurant serves Latin American dishes as ceviche, but also Spanish dishes as croquettas and more European dishes like pasta. For dessert a little bit of everything is available, for example: pancakes with dulche de leche, pineapple with mascarpone, lemon and white chocolate and yoghurt with fruit and muesli.

The staff is as international as the menu, with staff from Argentina and Uruguay. Pedro Alonso Fernández (31) works as a waiter at Toga. He lived in Amsterdam for a few months and a few days ago e moved to Madrid to work here. He is happy to explain why Toga is different from other tapas restaurants: “We make everything ourselves. Even the yoghurt is made in this restaurant. We choose not to work with the typical tapas dishes, because we want tAnneroos 2o give the visitor a new, tasty experience. We also find it very important that we use fresh and good quality products. We opened two weeks ago and we only get good recommendations on Tripadvisor, that says enough.”

From outside the nice furniture, great atmosphere and a beautiful bar are visible. It looks like an expensive restaurant, but when you look at the prices of the menu, you will be surprised. Dishes are between €5,50 and €12,- and can be shared. “We have the same price range as other tapas restaurants,” says Pedro, “but our quality is better.” A glass of wine is around €2,50. Beer, soda, coffee and tea are also available.

La Latina can be happy with the arriving of Toga. With an experienced owner and a different concept, the new restaurant has a promising future.

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