“International Journalism is a way to broaden my horizon”

By: Merijn Kramer


Rick Lugtenburg, 22, is a public administration student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He is in his final year, which means he will be graduating at the end of June or the beginning of July. We asked him about his ambitions in Journalism at school on 8 September.

Rick started out being a public administration student. His study is mostly about managing in public organizations. He does not have much experience in the journalistic field, but he is utterly interested in this subject.

After several years of studying he signed up for the minor International Journalism: Global and Local. He doesn’t have much experience in writing articles, but was triggered to learn about it. ‘’Last year, I had a course about the effects of media on politics and society. I found that media are very intriguing and interesting because of the power and influence they have on society and politics. I wanted to learn more about it, so I signed up for this minor!’’

But that is not the only thing he was attracted to in journalism. He is also very much interested in the workflow within editorial teams. ‘’I think it is very important to create understanding for the workflows in editorial teams. It will make my job a lot easier in the future because I will probably be handling the media within my working future in a governmental organization too. Now I will experience it within this minor, so I will be able to understand how journalists work. This minor is a great way to broaden my horizon, and also to improve myself in producing short videos, writing articles and working with programs like InDesign.