Heat on Amsterdam canals

By: Ira Hoefsmid

Amsterdam – During the heat wave that hit Amsterdam the past few days the canals were a place where tourists and locals went to cool off. With temperatures reaching 32 degrees this lead to full canals and some caution. Mr van Dijk, captain at a big touring company, tells us how he experienced the hottest week in the year.


Mr. van Dijk, captain

According to Mr. an Dijk, captain at touring company Kooij it was busier then expected in the hot 2nd week in September. Wile inhabitants of Amsterdam would rather stay inside, tourists are still trying to see as much of the city as possible, even in the heat wave. ”I don’t understand why people would go outside with this weather at all. But our boats were full up two days ago!”


Full touring boats on the canals of Amsterdam

Looking at the boats you can see there is, like most of the touring boats, a plastic roof on the top. The captain tells me it can become very hot in the boats, even when it is sailing the canals. ”Yesterday it was 32 degrees, and maybe even hotter inside the boat. There were two older ladies in the boat and they started feeling unwell. One of the ladies fainted and we had to stop the boat to make sure they would get the right help”. Even though the boat is equipped with standard medical supplies and extra water in case of problems, in events like this there is not much you can do.

Luckily both the ladies ended up being fine in the end but this was quite a scare for the crew and the passengers. ”Today we advise older people and young children to take the tour some other day, when it isn’t as hot outside.” I ask him why they didn’t do that yesterday, and he tells me that they actually did. ”People make their own choices and we respect that!” The captain tells me that he loves his job, but with weather like this he’d prefer to be inside with a nice cold beer. But being in the sun all day is worth it because weather like this is great for business! ”Tonight I’ll probably get that cold beer anyway!” he says with a big smile on his face.