Our trip to the land of Brexit and Extinction Rebellion

This week we, students from the minor International Journalism, went to London to visit major news organisations and do some ...
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Served the country, not served by the country

Dozens of veterans are reported to be homeless in The Netherlands in 2019.  By Annelijn Oviawe & Thirza de Raad ...
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Setting sails for seven weeks at sea

AMSTERDAM – A group of young Europeans said goodbye to friends and family before leaving shore and sailing from Amsterdam ...
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‘Journalism brings countries together’

27-year-old Lisa Muller, born and raised in Amsterdam, has just started a minor in International Journalism. Currently, she works as ...
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“Classic media is for old people”

written by Ronny Taferner Brendan Mc Dade from The Netherlands wants to enter the news industry, even if it is ...
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‘Curiosity is key’

By Mila Emmer Ambitious, driven, a perfectionist and reliable. That’s how Lisanne van ‘t Riet (23) describes herself best. The ...
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Number of elderly homeless men continues to rise

By Natasha Jahanshahi The number of elderly homeless men in Denmark has doubled during the past ten years. A more ...
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Freedom in Bratislava

By Fleur Withagen Freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or ...
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Streetart in Budapest

By Fleur Withagen Budapest, already known for its bohemian atmosphere, electric nightlife, tasty cuisine and laidback cafe culture attitude, is ...
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“Moving here created a huge sense of independence”

Written by Lindsey Maycock Every year many students all around the world leave the comforts of their home country to study ...
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Climate justice, NOW!

Written by Chirine Aboussaad ­Climate change is a hot topic. The people of The Netherlands came together in Amsterdam to ...
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The iron triangle

A piece by Maxim Etty, Dave Lantinga and Diogo Baptista Alongside the peaceful, slow floating waters of Amsterdam’s canals, we ...
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Opening free programming school

By: Dalla Coulibaly and Babette Res This week Codam has opened it’s doors. Codam is a free school where you ...
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Overtourism In Amsterdam

The center of Amsterdam is turning into a Disneyland. Streets and canals are filled with tens of thousands of tourists all ...
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The 5 R’s of zero waste

Written by Romy Caverlé Ever tried to live zero waste? For you, this might feel like a mission impossible. Combining ...
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‘They Shall Not Grow Old’ Review: A Thrilling Illusion

Written by Chirine Aboussaad, 14 May 2019 | THEY SHALL NOT GROW OLD | DIRECTED BY: PETER JACKSON | RUN ...
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With jelly or without?

Making choices has never been more difficult Written by Melanie Schlemmer Our grandparents and parents fought for big, social revolutions ...
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