Immigrants: the perfect scapegoats

By: Jose Nito Salvador Last Sunday sixth of January, residents of Rome went out to the streets to protest against ...
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Let me take a selfie

by Laura Hornberger and Dana Dübbers Holocaust memorials are built to remember the people that died for our freedom. Should ...
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Prostitution is more than sex

by Amber Vuylsteke Lucy has been a sex worker and coach for 25 years. She explains why her job has ...
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“That’s the worst thing: the dead bodies have become normal”

By Dana Dübbers Over 12,000 men, women and children have been killed by unidentified vigilantes or during confrontations with the ...
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“I understand people’s concerns”

By Vincent Leb 27-year old Wisam fled Syria in 2015. Three years later, he reflects on his new life in ...
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“Now is the prime time for investigative journalism”

By Evelina Kulp Anders Eklund, 38, started working as a journalist in October 2006 and has been a specialised Crime ...
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From Kentucky to New York City

by Tatiana Costa Lopes New York is the fashion capital of the United States. Tatiana met up with McKenzie and ...
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NYC: The deadly city for cyclists

By Jet Beers It’s the second week of 2019 and already two people in New York City died through a ...
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On night patrol with The Dark Guardian

By Dana Dübbers and Laura Hornberger The appearance of Chris Pollak is reminiscent of the colourful but shady figures of ...
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Opening free programming school

By: Dalla Coulibaly and Babette Res This week Codam has opened it’s doors. Codam is a free school where you ...
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Overtourism In Amsterdam

The center of Amsterdam is turning into a Disneyland. Streets and canals are filled with tens of thousands of tourists all ...
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Terror in Amsterdam

On Friday the 31st of August, a 19-year-old man from Afghanistan stabbed and seriously injured two American tourists at the ...
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“Oh my god, I love your top!” – Becoming a compliment monster

By: Laura Hornberger During my exchange program in Amsterdam, I suddenly became a compliment maker. I found myself complimenting my ...
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“We call it Curvy”

By Emma Wendt Size inclusivity is growing within the fashion industry. Renowned director of the New York STATE Management curve ...
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Multiculturalism as a way of life: Bijlmer

Photograph of “I love Iran” sticker in the center of Bijlmer, by Salvador Nito Salvador Nito and Sebastian Aceves Far ...
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