Live Blog European Elections 23-26 May

Follow the stories of our reporters from four European cities


Free Space Now

Written by Melanie Schlemmer Free Spaces are a distinctive element of Amsterdam’s character, but the demand for new living space ...
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“They’re traitors”: Brexit’s leave voters frustrated with parliament’s lack of action

Written by Chirine Aboussaad The United Kingdom and Europe have been obsessed with the impending Brexit ever since the referendum ...
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The paradox of homogeneous identity

Written by Carl Edholm The chatty room becomes silent as he enters the stage. Taking his place at the lectern ...
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“People are starting cosmetic surgery younger and younger”

Written by Naomi de Ridder  The number of aesthetic plastic operations has increased by 10 million worldwide since 2010. The ...
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“Playing records is like buying a new pair of shoes”

Written by Lindsey Maycock Since Spotify was created in 2006, music has been easier to listen to than ever. The ...
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25 revolutionairy songs you should listen to- including a top 5 by five Dutch changemakers

Written by Charisa Chedie Aretha Franklin, 2Pac, Kendrick Lamar or John Coltrane: here are 25 songs to put you in ...
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The popularity of the Dutch royal family

Written by Yannick Grenouillat Every 27th of April, millions of people get on the streets to celebrate Kingsday. But how ...
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Supporters of the biodiversity petition demonstrate for better species protection in Munich, Bavaria. | Photograph: Georg Kurz

“The biodiversity petition uses the same tools as right-wing populists”

Supporters of the biodiversity petition demonstrate for better species protection in Munich, Bavaria. | Photograph: Georg Kurz By Kimberly Nicolaus ...
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Hungarian science and press put in jeopardy

The Hungarian minister for innovation and technology, announces the state’s call to supervise the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest ...
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“Moving here created a huge sense of independence”

Written by Lindsey Maycock Every year many students all around the world leave the comforts of their home country to study ...
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Climate justice, NOW!

Written by Chirine Aboussaad ­Climate change is a hot topic. The people of The Netherlands came together in Amsterdam to ...
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The iron triangle

A piece by Maxim Etty, Dave Lantinga and Diogo Baptista Alongside the peaceful, slow floating waters of Amsterdam’s canals, we ...
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Opening free programming school

By: Dalla Coulibaly and Babette Res This week Codam has opened it’s doors. Codam is a free school where you ...
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Overtourism In Amsterdam

The center of Amsterdam is turning into a Disneyland. Streets and canals are filled with tens of thousands of tourists all ...
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With jelly or without?

Making choices has never been more difficult Written by Melanie Schlemmer Our grandparents and parents fought for big, social revolutions ...
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“Oh my god, I love your top!” – Becoming a compliment monster

By: Laura Hornberger During my exchange program in Amsterdam, I suddenly became a compliment maker. I found myself complimenting my ...
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“We call it Curvy”

By Emma Wendt Size inclusivity is growing within the fashion industry. Renowned director of the New York STATE Management curve ...
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