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  • Behind the Gram

    By Jet Beers Many famous instagrammers spend 4 hours a day working on growing their community and spread their images on Instagram. Influencers, content creators and bloggers, Alain Wassenaar (21) and Roy Boersma (20), are going for the ultimate freedom. Despite negative reactions around them, the guys continued to follow…

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  • What are your sins?

    by Babette Res However everybody would like to live a perfect life, we are all guilty of a little sin. Was it that you were underaged drinking, or ‘accidentally’ steal something. Don’t feel ashamed about it, we are all sinners…….

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  • The International Angle in London

    Last month, the whole team of the International Angle went to London for a field trip. Our reporter, Bram van Wijnen, made a short and a long vlog about it. The long Vlog you can watch here, but the short and more informative one you can see here!

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  • Explainer Video – Foodwaste

    By Dana Dübbers, Laura Hornberger and Vincent Leb  Different studies show that up to half of the world’s food production is in fact never eaten and therefore lost. The land area used to produce uneaten food is approximately the size of China. This means with every dish that gets thrown away…

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  • Explainer Video – Digital Love

    By Jasmine Wallis, Amber Vuylsteke and Dalla Coulibaly ‘Digital Love’ is an explainer video about how the love market has evolved. From meeting at the school dance to getting matched by DNA technology, in the past 50 years the way lonely hearts have met their partners has changed dramatically. Featuring…

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  • Explainer Video – Phone addiction

    By Babette Res, Anne Schoonderwoert and Sebastian Aceves Can you imagine yourself without a mobile phone? Nowadays everybody has one. The possibilities are endless and nothing is impossible on that little device. And although having a mobile phone makes everything a lot easier, it is also very addictive. We feel…

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  • Explainer Video – Meditation

    By Emma Wendt, Denise van der Beij and Jose Salvador Nito The benefits of meditation are well known and talked about, but how does it work on your brain? For thousands of years Buddhist monks have known about the “Monkey Mind”, but until recently science is being able to study…

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  • Overtourism In Amsterdam

    The center of Amsterdam is turning into a Disneyland. Streets and canals are filled with tens of thousands of tourists all year long. Some inhabitants are not too happy about this and the council is looking at measures to make the old city less crowded.

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