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  • A Masterpiece of Food Waste: sObres Mestres

    By Christina Hanson Nikoletta Theodoridi will host her second food waste pop-up dinner in Barcelona in January. The Greek lightning designer started this initiative to reduce the amount of wasted food from markets and farms, by using it for dinners for an affordable price. Her dream is to set up…

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  • Crackdown on Catalan Code: Internet Censorship During the Referendum

    By Poppy Prescott BARCELONA – In the days leading up to the unofficial 1st October 2017 Catalan referendum, the Spanish government chose to turn off the screens of those seeking information and polling details of the event. With hundreds of pro-independence internet domains and services, activists used mirror websites to…

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  • The Button Buy

    By: Marion Caspar You’re being targeted at all times. They want to get you. They want to stimulate you. They want to manipulate you; they want to force you to do something you may not even want to do. However, they’re smart. They speak to you on an emotional level.…

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  • Dicks & Dykes, Queercore: How to Punk a Revolution

    Dicks & Dykes Queercore: How to Punk a Revolution The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) is known for their recognition of the alternative. The Dutch premiere of ‘Queercore: How to Punk a Revolution’ certainly ensures that this reputation stays intact. Focusing on past anarchistic gay culture director, Yony Leyser,…

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  • Alicia – Review

    ‘I have the feeling that I’m waiting for something. But I don’t know exactly what for.’ Alicia Runtime: 89 minutes Language: Dutch Festival: IDFA Spoilers: Yes By: Sam van Royen This story is about Alicia, a young Dutch girl who grows up in a foster home. A year after she…

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  • An insight into a radical muslim society

    An insight into a radical Muslim society Documentary review: ‘Recruiting for Jihad’ By Elisabeth Ulla Uksnøy Photo: Screenshot from “Recruting for Jihad” ‘Recruiting for Jihad’ (original title: ‘Den norske islamisten’) gives an insight into a radical islamic environment the public only have seen parts of before. By following Ubaydullah Hussain,…

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  • Catalonian referendum in Amsterdam’s ‘Roest’

    By Felix Kostersitz Roest. A bar in the east of the Dutch capital Amsterdam. It is Wednesday evening. The artificial beach in the outside area of the bar is closed. It is already cold and the sand next to the canals is damped. The first thing which catches one’s eyes…

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  • Reclaim your life: Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival

    By Leonie Rothacker Screwing up a theatre performance, setting your girlfriend’s apartment on fire and going to prison for it – this is what can happen if mental diseases aren’t diagnosed and treated. The Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival gives formerly ill people a stage to speak and…

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  • Catching Trains on Efteling Tunes

    PODCAST If you’ve ever been at Amsterdam Central Station, you may have noticed three things. One – it’s beautiful. Two – it’s huge. Three – there is constant music playing at night and in early mornings. And it isn’t the usual top 40 hits. In this podcast, reporter Jill Paat…

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  • Sex shops in Amsterdam

    Video and infographic by Jill Paat and Romée van Klaveren Picture by Pixabay On nearly every corner in Amsterdam’s Centre you can spot dildos, vibrators and sexy lingerie. The sex shops are just as well-established as the brothels and attract just as many tourists. Jill Paat and Romée Klaveren answer…

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