November 17, 2018
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  • The new age of going out

    by Brianna Novak   “A Gin Tonic, please”. A big queue stands behind the bar and everyone is waiting to be served their drinks. The bartender tries to serve every order quickly so that no one has to wait too long. The effort and stress can be seen – a…

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  • Multiculturalism as a way of life: Bijlmer

    Photograph of “I love Iran” sticker in the center of Bijlmer, by Salvador Nito Salvador Nito and Sebastian Aceves Far away from the bustling and iconic Amsterdam city center, a neighborhood located in Zuidoost thrives in multiculturality and breaths an air of its own. This is Bijlmermeer, also known as…

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  • Centre of safety?

    By: Dana Dubbers and Laura Hornberger   Amsterdam counts as one oft he safest cities, although it’s the unsafest city in the Netherlands, according to mainstream media. How come there’s so many different opinions? Shop owners in the city centre explain.   Cyclists are queuing up behind the litter service…

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  • Biking under the influence

    By: Jasmine Wallis Many students do not think twice about cycling home after a boozy night out, but what happens when you do not get home safely? The fluorescent light of the hospital flickered above Joyce Stroeckx as the doctor gave her a diagnosis, “When you landed, your chin took…

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  • How Amsterdam wants to fight climate change

    By Vincent Leb A new study has found that the average temperature in Amsterdam has increased by nearly one degree since the start of the millennium. To limit the effects of climate change, the current city government has ambitious plans. Climate change seems to have started in Amsterdam: According to…

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  • North Korea and propaganda: a beautiful nightmare

    Dalla Coulibaly Ha-Neul Park, 24, is from Hoeryong, near the border of China in North Korea. She was told her whole life that she lived in the best country in the world. This was before her defection, eight years ago. Afterwards, she realized the truth about what was going on…

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  • “In the Netherlands I earn as much as a doctor in Budapest”

    Photo taken by Denise van der Bij Denise van der Bij While Hungary is dealing with major immigration problems, there is a wave of young, intelligent Hungarians leaving the country because of xenophobia and low salaries. “I only got 520 euro a month while I worked for 48 hours a…

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  • Shield and Friends was known by UNIA

    “Flanders is in our blood,” one of the images that Schild and Vrienden spread on social media.  Amber Vuylsteke UNIA, the Belgian organisation against racism and discrimination, already kept an eye on Schild and Vrienden (Shield and Friends). This is an extreme right-wing youth group disseminating racist comments. The organisation…

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  • The automation of cash registers: “This change only generates winners”

    Sam van der Loo The world is changing by automation and, of course, the supermarkets are also involved. Even the ‘good old’ Albert Heijn on the Overtoom in Amsterdam is taking part, as this month most of the regular checkouts were replaced by automated cash registers, making cashiers redundant. Automated…

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  • ’Covering conflicts will change you forever’

     By Leonie Rothacker Source: Johanna Maria Fritz Benjamin Hiller works as freelance journalist in conflict zones such as Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine, Afghanistan and Syria. When he’s not traveling in those areas, he lives in Berlin, Germany. His work has been published in several important European newspapers such as Neue…

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