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  • Multiculturalism as a way of life: Bijlmer

    Photograph of “I love Iran” sticker in the center of Bijlmer, by Salvador Nito Salvador Nito and Sebastian Aceves Far away from the bustling and iconic Amsterdam city center, a neighborhood located in Zuidoost thrives in multiculturality and breaths an air of its own. This is Bijlmermeer, also known as…

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  • “I have never seen so much involvement, everyone was talking about Brexit”

    By Mathilde de Gooijer Like many Scots, Jay Paterson (36) voted ‘remain’ in the Brexit referendum. He was born and raised in Glasgow, but he now works as an information security engineer in Prague. When asked about propaganda in the Brexit campaign, he sighs: “it was all around, but to…

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  • Tourism in Amsterdam

    Now online! The Campus Creators radio show about tourism in Amsterdam. It’s well known that Amsterdam has to deal with the growth of tourism in the city center. Is the the growth of tourism getting to big? Click on the link below to listen to the full radio show:

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  • Terror in Amsterdam

    The first radio show on Campus Creators is online, about the safety in Amsterdam! Does Amsterdam needs to worry about terrorism? Click on the link below to listen to the full radio show:

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