September 21, 2018
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  • Future: Life After Sport

    By Liora Israelsohn Breaking records, beating personal bests, always chasing something just out of reach. This is the life of an athlete; focused and goal-oriented. But what happens after the ultimate goal is achieved? After the Olympics, World Cup, or international championship? How do athletes make the transition into a…

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  • The Sci-fi Is Now

    The Sci-fi Is Now The future is not tied to technological or political boundaries. Everything is possible. This artistic freedom is one of the reasons that sci-fi, or dystopian movies often lead to financial success. Film fanatics are keen to see what the future has is in store for them.…

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  • What If: The European Union Fell Apart?

    By Poppy Prescott Eurosceptic movements have been gaining momentum all over Europe. This culminated in Britain when the British public voted to leave the European Union last June. It leaves a problematic question for many citizens in EU member states: What if it happens here too? Dr. Anthony Zito, a…

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  • The More The Merrier

    By: Thomas van den Berg It truly is a dystopian prophecy we like to fear: our little rock in the galaxy being too overcrowded. Chinese cities we’ve never heard of with over six million inhabitants, or the Nigerian capital of Lagos that will double in population over the next twenty…

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  • How a new metro will change Amsterdam

    By Felix Kostersitz The project “Noord-Zuid Lijn” in Amsterdam officially started in April 2003. However, the discussion had already started in the 70’s. This project is a new metro line, which connects Amsterdam Noord, through the IJ and the city centre, with the south of Netherlands capital. The opening of…

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  • Musick

    Whether we’re making it, dancing to it, or simply listening to it, music is a big part of our daily lives. But how does it affect us, physically? This blogazine explores exactly that. The connection between festivals and drugs, music therapy and physiological reactions to different styles, ‘morning parties’ to…

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  • Nighty Night

    What happens when the sun goes down in Amsterdam?   Who keeps track of the nightlife, the after-dark adventures? Where should you go, what should you see? That’s what this blogazine is here to explain.  

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  • Night Tourism

    In a city known for it’s nightlife, one part of Amsterdam is particularly sought out by tourists. The Red Light District.  

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  • Strike a Pose- Vogue Vogue Vogue

    In an exploration of Youth Culture through music, we spoke to contemporary dancer Carlotta Ipolitto (“Shiva Vineyard”) to find out how she uses Voguing to express herself.  

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  • Blogazine: Europe = […]

    In Europe, we are experiencing an exciting and unsettling time. European left wing parties desire solidarity and are pushing for a reformed, unified union; ‘more Europe’. At the same time, new right wing nationalist parties are developing all over Europe, wanting to put sovereignity back in to national parliaments. Whatever…

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