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  • Can virtual reality experiences make you more empathetic?

    By Livia Hirsch The night around me is pitch black, it engulfs me. I am in front of the train which pushes me forward. I feel helpless as I see the gates of the camp looming in the distance. I hear guards yelling, dogs barking, and the wheels turning against…

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  • Immersive journalism – exploiting misery or awakening empathy?

    By Evelina Kulp When we were given the theme “immersive journalism and virtual reality”, our first assignment was to give examples of immersive journalism. My initial thought was Finland’s public broadcasting company YLE’s virtual reality project “What if Helsinki was like Aleppo”, which was released in early 2017. The project…

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  • Opening free programming school

    By: Dalla Coulibaly and Babette Res   This week Codam has opened it’s doors. Codam is a free school where you learn how to program. It’s based on the French school ‘Ecole 42’. Listen to the podcast about this new school!      

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  • First residential home for gay seniors in Amsterdam

      Jet Beers and Lebrina Latupeirissa What may seem as an ordinary canal house, has become one of the first residential home’s in the world owned by LGBT people aged over 55. Although the residents have moved in a month ago, the grand opening of the ‘Roze Hallen’ was held…

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  • Make Amsterdam green again

    Jasmine Wallis and Brianna Novak On the 22nd of September, the city of Zwolle unveiled a bike path made up of 70% recycled plastic. Containing plastic bottles, packaging, and furniture, the 30 -metre wide road is the world’s first “smart” bicycle path. Contributing to the circular economy, once the recycled path…

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  • Amsterdam may join striking colleagues

    By Laura Hornberger and Denise van der Bij Ambulance workers throughout the entire Netherlands started a protest today because of low salaries and the high work pressure they are experiencing. Amsterdam is not taking part yet. “The city is in favour of the agreement now, but if we do not come…

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  • Populism is weakening the European system regardless!

    Robin Chun and Sebastian Aceves Steve Bannon, the former chief strategist of the Trump administration, wants to unite the populists efforts in Europe. He does so by combining the powers of populist parties throughout Europe in a new organisation called ’The Movement’. Italy’s Matteo Salvini’s Legal and Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers…

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  • The automation of cash registers: “This change only generates winners”

    Sam van der Loo The world is changing by automation and, of course, the supermarkets are also involved. Even the ‘good old’ Albert Heijn on the Overtoom in Amsterdam is taking part, as this month most of the regular checkouts were replaced by automated cash registers, making cashiers redundant. Automated…

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  • Future: Life After Sport

    By Liora Israelsohn Breaking records, beating personal bests, always chasing something just out of reach. This is the life of an athlete; focused and goal-oriented. But what happens after the ultimate goal is achieved? After the Olympics, World Cup, or international championship? How do athletes make the transition into a…

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  • The Sci-fi Is Now

    The Sci-fi Is Now The future is not tied to technological or political boundaries. Everything is possible. This artistic freedom is one of the reasons that sci-fi, or dystopian movies often lead to financial success. Film fanatics are keen to see what the future has is in store for them.…

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